Some Strange Fears That You Won’t Believe People Have


What is the one thing that scares the shit out of you? What is the one thing that makes you run miles whenever you see it? If I was asked these questions, then the answer will be rats, snakes, etc. Yeah! we all are afraid of some basic things. But today I bring some of the strange fear people have. Let’s check out some strange fears that you won’t believe people have.

Fear of Names


The fear of name is Nomatophobia. 

Fear of Shadows


The fear of shadow is known as Sciophobia or Sciaphobia. When we were kids, we used to scream after seeing our own shadows but it was not Sciophobia, it’s childhood.

Fear of Color Red


The fear of red color is known as Erythrophobia. 

Fear of Trains


I love to travel in trains. But train track is fear for some people. Yeah, you read it right. Siderodromophobia is a fear of train and train tracks.

Fear of Paper


This is a totally strange one. Papyrophobia is a fear of papers. Yeah! you heard it right.

Fear of Beard 


Pogonophobia is a fear of beard. Yeah! you read it right.

Fear of Books


There is an unusual fear of books which is known as Bibliophobia. 

Fear of Cheese 


The fear of cheese is known as Turophobia.

Fear of Odors


The fear of odors is known as Osmophobia or Olfactophobia. 

Fear of Number 13


Some people have a morbid fear of number 13 which is known as Triskaidekaphobia.

Fear of Being Stared At

being stared at

Are you afraid of people staring at you? The fear of being stared at is known as Scoptophobia.

Fear of not having access to Mobile phones

mobile phone

Nomophobia is the fear faced by the people who start feeling anxious when they don’t have access to mobile phones for a long time.

Fear of Metal objects

metal objects

Some people have fear of metal objects, especially sharp objects. This fear is known as Metallophobia. 

Fear of Needles and injections


This fear is faced by near about 10% of the people in the world. Yeah! The fear of needles and injections is known as Trypanophobia. 

Fear of Hands


The fear of hands is known as Chirophobia. Strange…Right?

Fear of Large Objects

large objects

Phobia of large objects is known as Megalophobia. 

Fear of White Color


Leukophobia is the fear or phobia of white color.

Fear of Number 666


This number is treated as a number of beasts. That is why some people panic due to this effect. The Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of number 666.

Fear of Dust


The fear of dust is known as Amathophobia. 

Fear of Sun, sunlight or bright light

Bright Sunlight Rays Wide Desktop Background

Heliophobia is the word which describes the fear of bright light, sunlight or sun.

Fear of Crossing Bridges


The fear of crossing bridges is known as Gephyrophobia.

Fear of Odd Numbers

odd numbers

The fear of odd numbers is known as Disparnumerophobia.

Fear of Houses and being inside houses


Some people have fear of being inside the house or have the fear of houses. This phobia is known as Domatophobia. 

Fear of Trees, wood or forests

trees, forests

Some people face an irrational fear of trees, woods or forests which is known as Hylophobia.

Fear of Glass or crystal


Some people are afraid of things which are made up of crystal or glass. Such phobia is known as Crystallophobia. 

Fear of Clocks


This is one of the strange fears on this list. Yeah! Fear of clocks is known as Chronomentrophobia.

Fear of Mirrors


The fear of mirror is known as Catoptrophobia. 

Fear of Flutes


Aulophobia is an unwanted fear and worry of flutes.

Fear of Long Words

long words

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the word that is used to describe the fear of long words.

Fear of Being Single


The fear of being single or staying single is known as Anuptaphobia. 

Fear of Moon

General view of the moon during the match

Some people have a strange fear of moonlight, moon, and darkness when there is no moon. This phobia is known as Selenophobia. 

Fear of Opinions


Sometimes we became anxious about what people will say about us or how they will judge us. This phobia is known as Allodoxaphobia. 

Fear of Streets or crossing the streets


Some people have a unique fear of streets or crossing the streets. This phobia of people is known as Agyrophobia. 

Fear of Enclosed space

enclosed space

The fear of being stuck in an enclosed space is known as Claustrophobia. 

Fear of Balloons


This is generally a fear of popping a balloon. This fear is known as Globophobia. 

Fear of Depths


Fear of depths is known as Bathophobia. The people who suffer from this phobia avoid going near lakes, swimming pools, seas, wells, hallways, mountain valleys, and similar things which have somehow or other depth related to it.

Fear of Eyes


There are some people who have a fear of eyes. They don’t touch their eyes and avoid making any sort of eye contact. This fear is known as Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia. 

Fear of Butterflies


Some people have fear of beautiful insects, butterflies. Fear is known as Lepidopterophobia. I mean, really, fear of butterflies?

Fear of Riding in Vehicles


Some people have a fear of riding in vehicles. This fear is known as Amaxophobia or Hamaxophobia.

Fear of Irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps

Irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.

Do you hate irregular patterns? Or are you scared of such things? If yes, then might be you are suffering from Trypophobia. Yeah! This is the phobia of irregular clusters or patterns of bumps or small holes.

Fear of Ants 


The fear of ants is known as Myrmecophobia.

Fear of Hairs


Chaetophobia…This is the fear of hair disease. The person suffering from this phobia is afraid of going bald or having hair problems.

Fear of Numbers


The fear of numbers is known as Numerophobia. The irrational and exaggerated fear of numbers is also known as Arithmophobia.

Which phobia are you suffering from?


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