Some Romantic words from Different Language which will surely melt your Heart


    Love is a very beautiful feeling. But many times because of certain issues you want to give up on your relationship. If you are losing hope in your relationship, then please don’t.  Understand, love and trust each other for an ever-lasting relationship. We bring you some romantic words from different languages which will surely melt your heart. These are not only words but feelings that you must have experienced in your lifetime.


    Romantic word

    This word describes the desire to be dead instead of going away from your love.

    La Douleur Exquise

    Romantic word

    The word describes the terrible pain of falling in love with someone who can never be yours.


    Romantic word

    It refers to the selfless happiness and joy you feel at your partner’s success.

    Cavoli Riscaldati

    Romantic word

    This is an Italian word to describe the attempt which is taken to fix a relationship.

    Koi No Yokan

    This can be described as a sudden knowledge when you both meet and fall in love with each other.


    Romantic word

    This word defines the feeling at the time of falling in love with someone.


    Romantic word

    This word defines the longing to get something which you had already lost.


    Romantic word

    Have you ever experience lack of appetite when in love? This is what manabamate means.



    Romantic word

    It is the feeling of sadness and confusion when you meet someone whom you loved once but do not feel the same anymore.


    Romantic word

    This is the feeling of giddiness when you meet the person whom you love.

    Kara Sevde

    Romantic word

    This refers to black love, a madly and blindly state of loving someone.


    Romantic word

    This is the look which two people share amongst themselves asking for one more step but afraid of saying anything.

    These words define some of the feelings you must had experienced in your relationship.

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