Some of the Things Which are Responsible for Gradually Destroying the Planet


The condition of our planet is crumbling day by day. We are using many things in our daily life which are harmful to the environment and we are continuously using it without even realizing the fact. Today we bring some of the things that we are using in our daily lives which are leading towards the depletion of the planet and Yeah! we are not even aware of it.

Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes

Pizza boxes are contaminated with cheese and oil and are non-recyclable. These are responsible for increasing the waste production.

Paper Cups

Paper Cups

The paper cups which are used for the everyday purpose have a thin film of high-resistant, low-density polyethylene. This is a reason that these cups are not biodegradable.

Used Tea Bags

used tea bags

Used tea bags are also responsible for the contamination of the earth. These bags are only 75% biodegradable and are contributing to the depletion of the planet.

Nail Polishes

used nail polishes

The nail polish which is thrown after finishing contaminates groundwater and soil.

Single-use Razor

single use razor

The single-use razor is non-recyclable and contributes to the depletion of the environment.

Tampons and Synthetic Napkins


An average of 7 billion tampons and sanitary napkins are dumped every year in the landfill and are responsible for the depletion of the planet.

Littered Cigarette Butts

cigarette butts

The littered cigarette butts are responsible for leaking some harmful chemicals in the environment thus, polluting the environment.

Old Gazettes


The gadgets which you throw out in order to use the new one accounts for more than 4.8 million tons of waste.

Anti Bacterial Soaps

Anti bacterial soap

The antibacterial soaps which are used in daily routines get converted into dioxin which is harmful to the environment.

Electronic Kettles

Electronic Kettles

The electric kettle which is used for ease consumes electricity which can be used for the entire house.

A pair of Jeans


Are you aware of this fact about the pair of jeans that you wear? A pair of jeans is made using about 10,000 liters of water.

Chop Sticks 

chop sticks

Chopsticks consume an average of 3.8 million tree s in China.

Charging your electronic devices

charging electronic devices

If you are charging your electronics for overnight, then you are surely depleting the resources from which electricity is made.

Packaged Food

packaged food

The packed food is one of the leading contributors of waste in the world.

Plastic exfoliating from face wash

plastic from face wash

Plastic exfoliating microbeads in your facewash pollute the sea and cause pollution.

Papers used in office

Office papers

Papers used in the office is one of the major producers of waste in the world.

ATM Receipts

ATM receipts

The ATM receipts that you withdraw leads to cutting down thousands of trees.

Weirdly-shaped fruits

weird shaped fruits

A large number of fruits are wasted because people want the symmetrical fruits.

Shells on beach

Shells on beach

Collecting shells from the beaches is harmful to both flora and fauna and also the environment.


Dark-colored cars

dark colored car

The dark-colored car takes more time to cool down and hence contributes to global warming by increased AC temperature.

Chew Gums

Chewing gums

The chewing gum is very hazardous to the environment. The reason behind this is non-recyclable nature of the gums.

Above given are some of the things we are using in our daily lives which are directly degrading the environment. If you are aware of any such things, then do us know in the comments section. Try to save the planet.


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