Some of the delicious microwave recipes that are incredibly easy-to-make


Can you imagine your life without a microwave oven? It has somehow made cooking much easier and faster. A microwave oven is one of the most commonly used and one of the convenient electric appliances. Some people believe that food cooked in a microwave oven causes cancer in the human body. If you too have the same point of view, then we want to tell you that microwave oven heat food by producing some radiation. These radiations are absorbed by water molecules. These molecules then start vibrating and produce heat. This is not harmful and does not cause cancer in the human body. We bring you the list of some delicious recipes that are incredibly easy to make in the microwave oven. Foodies 😉 This list is especially for you, for both saving your time as well for the delicious food.

Microwave Omelet


Get your omelet ready in less than 3 minutes with a microwave oven. Try this if you are getting late and you also want something delicious and healthy for your breakfast.

Rawa Idli Microwave 

Rava Idli

The Idlis cooked in the microwave are much softer and tastier. Other than taste, you can cook them in half the time.

Microwave Stuffed Tomatoes 


If you want to eat stuffed tomatoes, then make them in a microwave this time.

Microwave Chocolate Pudding 

Chocolate pudding

Give yourself a chocolaty and delicious treat with a chocolate pudding made in a microwave.

Microwave Chocolate Cake 


Make this cake in a coffee mug and treat yourself with a microwaved cooked chocolate cake.

Microwave Mushroom Soup 

If you want some healthy and easy-to-make food, then go for Mushroom soup.

Microwave Tandoori Chicken 


A very appetizing chicken can be cooked in few minutes using a microwave.

Eggless Microwave Strawberry Muffins

strawberry muffins

Do you want to woo your partner? Then we advise you to try these eggless strawberry muffins. They can be easily cooked in a microwave oven in few minutes.

Microwave Potato Chips 

potatao chips

Try and make these low-fat potato chips made in a microwave oven.

Microwave Carrot Halwa

carrot halwa

Talked about food and that too without dessert! Nah, not possible;). As far as dessert is concerned, you can make carrot halwa using a microwave oven. It will take less time and will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

These are some of the easy-to-make recipes using a microwave oven. If you have any such recipes, then do let us know in the comments section. We will surely add your recipe to this list.


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