Some Insane Facts That Everyone Believes To Be True


We got maximum information from the Internet. No matter it’s correct or not, we believe in it. You must have read some insane facts on the Internet. Have you ever tried to investigate these facts? Have you ever tried to prove the authenticity of these points? I know you haven’t. It is necessary to authenticate the facts but we generally don’t care about it. We just fall prey to such bullshit facts spread on the Internet. Today we bring some of the insane facts that everyone believes to be true but are not.

Different parts of the tongue have different taste buds


We have been reading about this since our childhood. But in reality, our tongue is not divided into sections. Every part of our tongue can taste everything and can sense the same taste.

Too much sugar means hyperactivity in children


There is no role of sugar in making a child hyperactive. And also reducing the amount of sugar in the diet of a child doesn’t make child calm and healthy.

Hairs grown after shaving are more thick, hard and coarse


After shaving, your hairs will grow with blunt tips which make them darker, coarser. There is no deterioration in the quality of the hairs.

The maximum amount of heat is lost through your brain

head and heat


Our entire body loses the same amount of heat. It is said that our head generates the maximum amount of heat which is because our head is generally left uncovered.

The Great Wall of China is even visible from space

great wall of china

Not a single man-made structure is visible from space. This is one of the most insane facts. People stop believing such insane facts.

The growth rate of all of our fingernails is same


Our nail growth is controlled by the blood flow rate. For that reason, our dominant hand witness a bit faster nail growth.

Dogs sweat through their tongue

dogs sweat

Dogs sweat from their footpads not from their tongue.

Dinosaurs and human being co-existed

jurassic park

If you have seen ‘Jurassic Park’ and its sequels, then you must be aware of the fact that it is almost impossible for the humans and dinosaurs to share the same planet.

Hairs and nails keep on growing even after death

hairs and nails

The real fact is that the skin starts dwindling after death and for the same reason the nails starts  appearing long.

Chameleons change their color to disguise


The reality is chameleons change their color to communicate to the other chameleons and not for disguising themselves.

Autism is caused due to the vaccine

autism and vaccine

There was some research done on vaccinations and some fake results were generated according to which it is spread that vaccination is one of the main reason for autism.

Alcohols are responsible for killing brain cells


Good news for all the alcoholic friends out there. Alcohols can damage the brain cells but they are not capable of killing the brain cells.

Bats are blind


Bats are able to see the things around them. Besides this, they use echolocation to move freely in the environment.

If you are aware of any such facts then do let us know in the comments section.



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