Some Hacks To Style More With Smart Packing For Vacations


Are you planning a vacation? Vacations mean exploring new places, having fun with friends and family, alcohol and above all clicking images which add extra things to your luggage. Are you worried about the things that you have to carry with you? We bring you some of the hacks that will help you in packing more things without increasing any extra luggage bag. These packing hacks will surely provide you more space.

Roll Your Clothes

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For saving space and for packing more things in less space, roll your clothes instead of folding them. It will give you more space and you will be able to pack more clothes. With this hack, you can pack more clothes.

Double Packing


Double packing is one of the best ways of packing the things. It is beneficial in two ways. It will provide you with more space and also it will keep your things in shape. For example, you can fold and keep your shocks in your shoes and similarly, you can keep your underwear in your bra with cups covering after being folded.

Multipurpose Straw


Straw is a very useful thing which can help you in packing your things especially your jewelry or other such delicate things. These straws will keep your jewelry safe and will not let the jewelry entangle or break. You can seal both sides of straw with powder makeup or cotton easily.

No Crease

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Are you going to a party where you are planning to wear crease-prone clothes? To avoid crease on your clothes, put your clothes in a dry clean plastic bag. This plastic bag will never let any crease touch your clothes.

Delicate Fragrance

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Perfume is an essential thing to be carried out. No matter you are going out to a party or just to chill perfume is a necessary thing to be there with you. But perfume bottles are very delicate and expensive as well, so proper care is needed while packing them in your bag. The best tip for packing your perfume bottle safely is to keep them in the socks before keeping them in the bag.

Clean Wraps

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A clean wrap is the best thing to pack the bottles which are filled with the liquid like a bottle of shampoo, moisturizer, shower gel, foundation, conditioner, etc. Just put a square piece of clean wrap over the mouth of the bottle and just place the cap of the bottle over it. Now you have a spill proof bottle with you.

Versatile Fashion Jewelry

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Some accessories are very versatile and important and you should need them while going out on a vacation. For example, your goggles, a scarf that you can use as a belt or as a bandana, a choker and many more other things to add glamour to your look.

Handling Jewelry

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Jewelry is one of the most important things that you will need while going on a vacation. But the problem that will arise is the way of packing your jewelry. One of the easiest ways of packing your jewelry is to use a pill case for keeping your ring, hook up your studs in the button and you can also use plastic wraps sheet to make sure your jewelry didn’t move.

Tic-Tac in Tic-Tac

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Tic-Tac pins are a very handy item which needs proper care. You can put Tic-Tac pins in an empty box of Tic-Tac candy. This can also be used to keep your bobby pins.

Now you have awesome packing hacks using which you can pack maximum things in the small bag. Now just go and pack your bags with these amazing packing hacks and don’t forget to share your ways of packing the bags.

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