Some Amazing Benefits Of Orange Seeds!

Orange seeds

Orange-a fruit which is not only good in taste but is also power-packed with a number of benefits. Orange is a good source of Vitamin ‘C’ and also rich in many flavonoids which helps keep our body energized.

While everyone talks about the benefits that the fruit reaps, here we are talking about the seeds of the fruit. Not only the fruit but its seeds too have certain health benefits. Let’s check them out!

#1. Helps in hair care

Helps in hare care

Orange seeds contain oil and it can be extracted and used as a conditioner for hair. The Vitamin C and some necessary bio-flavonoids present in the orange seeds contributes towards good blood circulation to the scalp and thus results in healthy hairs. The folic acid present in the seeds accelerates the hair growth process.

#2. Acts as a powerful antioxidant


Orange seeds are powerful antioxidants and help in keeping the body hydrated. Orange seeds once consumed in the morning can help you keep boosted. You can grind the seeds in the juice itself and consume it.

#3. Acts as an energy supplier

Orange seeds contain oleic and linoleic acids that help to store the energy in the body cells for a longer time.

#4. Used as an essence flavor

Essence flavour

Orange Seeds can be used as a natural essence flavor used for cake icing and for other food items as well. The oil present in the seeds can also be used for a nice citric scent and as a fragrance for home.

#5. Can be used as a cleaning agent

Cleaning agent

The oil extracted from the orange seeds can also be used for cleaning, de-greasing machines etc.


So, now that you know so many uses of Orange seeds, do not just throw them away.


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