SOCH local, Ban Global…..SOCK 2017 is coming….Save the dates


SOCH 2017 is coming back in mid of November with the theme “Evolution Eyes”. School of Communication Studies, Panjab University is conducting a media festival on 17th and 18th November. The event with a theme “SOCH Local, Ban Global” is coming back. Its perspective is to know issues of media industry both locally and globally.

SOCH will be having a series of contests, events and games in which you can take part in.

Some important events of SOCH 2017:

We are providing you the list of all the events that are going to be conducted in SOCH 2017. You can participate in any one of them and can flaunt your talent in front of people. SOCH 2017 is providing you the platform to showcase your talent and excellence in different fields.

Audio Video Reporting

One of the most important and interesting events in SOCH 2017 is Audio Video Reporting. Everyone is perfect if we talk about observing the surrounding and explain them to someone. The event is this only. Time duration will be given to the participant to observe the environment keenly and to report it to the judge in form of audio and video.


AD- MAD show is another show that will be conducted in SOCH 2017. This will be conducted for purely creative people. In this, you will be given a time of 20-25 minutes to think on the topic that was given to you on the spot. You will be provided 2-3 minutes to deliver your idea on that topic in form of advertisement. This can be done in a team with a minimum member of 1 and maximum 5 members.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is one of the favorite games that is played in college fests always. It will be played in teams. Maximum 3 members can be a part of one team. Each team will be provided with some of the clues. The team has to use the clues and reach the treasure.

Dance Competition

The dance competition is considered as a platform for showcasing the skills. Maximum of 12 members can be a part of one group. There is no restriction on the type of dance to be performed.

Photography Competition

Another contest that will be a part of SOCH 2017 will be Photography Competition. In this, there will be two categories: phone and professional. Themes will be provided on the spot and participant have to capture the best picture they can. A Little editing will be accepted without any border, name and logo.

Spin a Story

This contest is purely based on your imagination. You have to give wings to your imagination by pouring it into words and forming a story. There are certain rules for this as well and you have to get yourself registered for this contest.

Fashion Show

It is a contest to show your charisma and to walk confidently on the ramp. You have to get yourself registered for taking part in this contest. It’s a way to flaunt your style and beauty in front of everyone.

Online Photography Contest

This is another contest which will be conducted online. The theme will be given to you and you have to mail the related images captured by you.

Documentary Competition

Documentary competition is also organized. You have to register yourself as a team of 4 members and role of each member should be clearly mentioned in the documentary which can be of 12 minutes duration.

Street Play

Street play in annual fests is a very commonly conducted contest. People who are full of enthusiasm can take part in this contest and can raise voice on any of the topics. A topic can be a well-portrayed story, social, or any relevant topic.

Paint your Graffiti

This is a contest which is about drawing your emotions and imagination on graffiti. Certain rules are to be followed. Online registration should be done in advance.

SOCH is an annual function organized by School of Communication Studies at Panjab University on 17th and 18th of November. Now just save your dates to enjoy the festival which is full of fun and excitement.




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