Sitting For Long Hours Is Poisonous For Your Health | Read Out To Know How…


Getting everything on a call… a luxurious lifestyle?? Have you ever thought that sustaining a settled lifestyle can be a little dangerous for your health? Making no sense? well, let us tell you the more relaxing and luxurious your lifestyle is the greater are your possibilities to acquire diseases.

The modern era is the era of gadgets, where everything happens on the click of buttons. While one way it is making our life a little easy but on another side, they are harming our body to a great extent. The human body is made to stand straight. From our heart to the movement of our bowel and other important bodily functions work better when we are in a standing position.

When we sit around and relax, we are inviting dangerous diseases to ourselves. Sitting and relaxing for a long span of time is way more dangerous than Drinking, Smoking etc.

Here you can read out the detrimental effects of sitting for longer duration:


Weight Gain

Propelling your muscles helps your body to digest the sugars and fats that you have consumed all day round. When you spend most of your time sitting and relaxing, the digestion is not as efficient and you end up holding the fats and sugar in your body. As a result, you tend to gain weight. Weight gain is one of the leading issues what can be noticed in youths these days.

Some of us exercise to overcome such thing. But let us tell you even if we exercise and spend most of our time lying or sitting, we are yet inviting health obstacles such as metabolic symptoms.




Always sitting or lying around and doing nothing makes one lazy. The habit of sitting generates so much of laziness that it might be an obstacle in one’s work in future. This laziness will cease you from doing a little more in your life. So, better brush up your habits and stop being a lazy fellow.


Anxiety and Depression

We do understand the connection between sitting and physical strength but what’s the connection between sitting and mental fitness? Thinking so? Well, as sitting hampers our physical strength, the same way it is harmful to our mental health as it causes the danger of anxiety and depression in people.

This happens because when we are sitting idle, we are physically inactive but our mind is continuously working and it starts producing negative thoughts which result in anxiety and depression.



Though the logic behind it is still not clear but study states that sitting for long hours increases your possibilities of acquiring some sort of cancer. Guys, we all know that Cancer is one of the deadly diseases, so why risk our lives? Stop sitting Idle and join some activity today!



Heart Disease

Not just Cancer, sitting is also dangerous for your Heart. Study proves that sitting for long hours results in heart illness. People who are sedentary and keep relaxing for long hours have a greater risk of experiencing a heart illness or stroke.



Research proves that even if you sit five days resting in bed, your insulin stability gets disturbed. So, people who spend a large time sitting or sleeping have a higher risk of getting diabetes. So, you must avoid sitting idle.

Muscle Degeneration

Resting on a couch all day makes your body tissues weak. While our body is sedentary, the tissues go unused and it leads to a weak midsection. Sitting for long hours also reduces the versatility of your hipbones and the health of your glutes.

Stiff Neck and Shoulders

If your job involves long hours of sitting and leaning over your P.C’s screen, it can cause stiffness in your neck and joints. You should make sure that you are sitting straight while working on your computer as this way you can save your neck and back from pain.

Loss of Brainpower

When you are sitting and relaxing, you might be doing a lot of crucial reasoning abilities, building assignments, doing all kinds of puzzles, but even the most exciting things can become hazy when you are relaxing for extended hours. Moving the body tissues elevates new blood and oxygen to mind and builds up your brainpower. While remaining sedentary for long hours can reduce your brain capacity.



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