Shah Rukh Khan’s Life Lessons


Shah Rukh Khan or the King of Khans is the one who not only rules the Bollywood, even rules the heart of folks from all over the world. This superstar is the producer and an actor, who doesn’t need any introduction. Every time, when he romances on the big screen, his charming personality steal the hearts of the audience in the fraction of time. He worked in more than 80 films, and his maximum movies did a great business in India as well as in the International market. His stardom and failure made him a poet, a philosopher and a great human being.


Here are few Life Lessons You Can Learn From The Shah Rukh Khan


Learn to Walk Alone


We are born alone, we die alone, and in the journey of life, we have to walk alone. Your friends, family, and well-wishers will be part of your success not of your struggle. In your bad times, you have to walk alone and you must not be afraid of doing it because, in the end, it is your journey. Everyone’s life is centered around the desire to find happiness, but most people confuse it with the gratification. Earn not to feed your stomach but to feed your soul. Shah Rukh once said in his speech that I have success, I have fame, I have wealth but these things are not a reason for my happiness. My real treasure is the love of my children and nothing in this world of everything means more than that.


Accept Failure and Learn From it


Life is not a bed of roses. We often heard this saying that success and failure are two sides of the same coin and I couldn’t agree more. Success doesn’t teach you wisdom, failure teaches you everything included how to stay humble and grounded. The fear of failure pushes you to work harder. His early days of struggle is what inspired him to work harder. Shah Rukh once said that he has seen a lot of poverty and the fear of being poor is what makes him work hard.


Inspire others


In the world of commoners, be an inspiration. If you want to make this world a better place to live then inspire others with your work, thoughts, and deeds. Inspiration is an emotion that makes you connect with the people and make them believe in you and your product. Be an inspiration is the only mantra to lead in the world.


‘Normal’ is Another word for Lifeless


There is no such thing as being normal. That’s just another word for lifeless. The Shahrukh Khan said. Having little insanity is absolutely fine to have a happy and successful life.  Insanity is not something to hide from the rest of the world, rather acknowledge and use it to define your uniqueness and a style of living. All the most beautiful and creative people in the world are successful because they have used their insanity in discovering or inventing new ideas and things.


With a little embarrassment, you will survive


“There will be a time when nothing will go right. Don’t panic. With a little embarrassment, you will survive.” This is what Shah Rukh Khan said to students during his visit to the Dhirubhai Ambani School in Mumbai last year. He means to say that life is not perfect and it is okay. What matter is how you deal with the situation or the circumstances. According to him, when things go wrong don’t panic or get nervous. This phase is temporary, take a deep breath, learn from it and let it go.




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