Some rules for making your relationship strong and ever-lasting


All the human beings need to be loved. It is not difficult to fall in love with someone but the difficult part is staying in that relationship. Love can be confusing or it can a bit tricky for some people and it can be life for others. Every relationship needs some pillars to grow which are love, trust, honesty, compromise, sacrifice, etc. Being in a successful relationship needs a lot of efforts and dedication. We bring you some of the relationship rules that can bring magic to your relationship.

Some Golden rules for a healthy relationship:

Rule1 Always love your partner unconditionally.

Rule 2 Always think from your partner’s perspective before doing anything when it comes to emotions.

Rule 3 Try to be mature and end up the argument as soon as possible. Just simply hug your partner and let him/her speak.

Rule 4 Sometimes communication gap ruins a relationship. Never let that happen and make your communication strong.

Rule 5 Remember, Sex and love are two different things. Don’t mix these two things together.

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Rule 6 Giving space to your partner is very important in every relationship. Give them the time to miss you and realize your value.

Rule 7 Most of the relationship ends up when the couple starts taking each other for granted. Taking your partner for granted will surely ruin your relationship.

Rule 8 Always appraise your partner and motivate them to do good in their life. Their success should be yours and you should not demotivate them.

Rule 9 Never Ever! Note Never Ever fight in a public place with your partner. Support and love them with every flaw they have. If you find something wrong then talk to them in private but never in public.

Rule 10 Sometimes it is important for you both to look sexy and attractive for each other. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you should look dirty and shabby. Looks don’t matter always but sometimes they do.

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Also, follow these simple rules:

Rule 11 No matter how small the effort they make for you, always appreciate them. These small efforts are capable of showing their love for you.

Rule 12 Forgive your partner and don’t keep any type of grudges in your heart. And yeah! Remember, “No one is born perfect”.

Rule 13 If you can admire your crushes in front of your partner then your partner has equal rights to discuss their crushes with you. Respect it instead of being angry.

Rule 14 Never ever say any bad words about your partner, no matter how angry or frustrated you are.

Rule 15 Always find reasons to spend quality time with each other. It is the best way by which your relationship can grow.

Some more rules for a healthy relationship:

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Rule 16 Never try to learn from anyone else’s relationship. Learn from ups and downs you have faced in your own relationship.

Rule 17 Sometimes pillow fights and some cute wrestles like kids can make your relationship more romantic. Maintain that childish behavior of yours sometimes.

Rule 18 Always remember there are ups and downs in every relationship and this is the time when you need to handle it together and that too in a positive way.

Rule 19 Share your responsibilities with each other and handle situations together.

Rule 20 Never depend on your partner completely. Little bit dependency is Ok.

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Rule 21 Don’t take everything seriously and sometimes let the things go.

Rule 22 It is very important to listen to your partner carefully sometimes. It is only you who can calm your partner down when they need.

Rule 23 If you are uncomfortable with anything your partner is doing then ask them directly about the thing that is annoying you.

Rule 24 Never treat yourself as individual while in a relationship. Consider yourself as a team and work together as a strong team.

Rule 25 Two people have a different mindset and to make your relationship strong you have to understand those differences instead of disagreeing with your partner.  

These are some of the rules which can make your relationship magical and ever-lasting.


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