PUTA launches a website which is inaugurated by Prof. Meenakshi Malhotra


Panjab University created a website for teachers association. This website is known as PUTA (Panjab University Teachers’ Association). PUTA executive organized an event in which Prof. Meenakshi Malhotra inaugurate the website in Vice Chancellor Committee Room. Professor Meenakshi Malhotra is Dean of University Instruction(DUI) and officiating Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University. Being a reputed member she was specially called for the function of the inauguration.

Various members of PUTA and people who have developed the website were present there at the time of inauguration. In the beginning, Prof. Rajesh Gill who is president of PUTA welcomed Prof. Malhotra to start the inauguration of the website. And also thank her presence. After the invitation, Prof. Malhotra describe the features of the website and also tell the way PUTA is advantageous to teachers and university. She also appreciates the efforts of all the people who are involved in the development of the website and also describe how beautifully and smoothly it works.

DUI requested people to unite and work for the development and growth of Panjab University. She requested people to understand and trust each other for the proper functioning of the system. All the features of the website are explained in a very proper and well-mannered way by Prof. JK Goswamy who is secretary of PUTA. He also thanked the team for the development of PUTA and the team includes Manmohan Shah, Satish Verma and Dr. Keerti Vardhan. Prof. Gill explained how the development of a website can help the university in taking a step ahead so that better transparency can be maintained between the people associated with the Panjab University.

DUI also thanked people for their cooperation and also helps in preparing manuals for tell them what are the functions of this website and how it can be used. In the end, she also pays her regards to the members of media who are present there to cover this event. Contact number that is given on PUTA website is 8360179299 and the URL of the website is putachd.org . People who are anyhow related to Panjab University can take advantage of this website as it is very beneficial.

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