PU to have CCTV Cameras Installed in The Hostel Kitchens!


The PU DSW (Dean Students Welfare) held a meeting with the councils along with the wardens of the hostels in order to ensure the proper functioning of the hostels. In the meeting, the issue of poor quality of food was raised to which prof. Emanual Nahar said that the university is open to having CCTV cameras installed in the kitchens of the hostels to ensure the food quality. Food quality is a pertinent issue in the PU hostels as students have been regularly complaining about the same.

The issue of lifts in boys hostel no. 8 was also raised by Karanvir Singh, vice president of the council. He also raised the issue of maintenance of the Solar Panels donated by the SAD government.

Various issues regarding lifts and washing machines in boys hostels, light poles outside hostel No. 3 and 4 and library forms which allow girls to come late from the library were also raised in the meeting.

Check on food quality

The CCTV cameras are proposed to be placed in the kitchens of the hostels to keep a check on the quality of the food served to the students. There were many complaints coming to the authority for the poor quality of food being served in the hostels. A student of mass communication department residing in hostel no. 5, Phule Hall complained the authorities about the worm in her food. She even uploaded its picture on Facebook. In the meeting held with the council, the DSW stated that it is open to having CCTV cameras in the hostel kitchens in order to ensure quality food.

Safety Measure against Dengue

The PU DSW in the meeting with the councils has sought reports from the hostel wardens for steps taken to prevent dengue. It was told that fumigation has been done in few hostels and it will be carried out in all the hostels in the coming days. The DSW is leaving no stone unturned to ensure quality living in the hostels of Panjab University.

Modernisation of Kitchens

In the meeting held with the council, The DSW told the hostel wardens that the Boys Hostel No. 1 has been installed with CCTV cameras for a test run. The effectiveness of these cameras will decide if other hostels also do require the CCTV’s. Jashan Kamboj, the president of the council called for modernization¬†of the kitchens too.

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