Most Beautiful Traditional Indian Sarees That Every Bride Must Have In Her Trousseau


Time is changing rapidly and so is the fashion. With the changes in fashion, some of the needs, habits, lifestyle, looks, etc. are also changing among ladies. From ancient time to current era, the thing that has remained constant is women’s love for sarees. Love for sarees is forever. We bring you some of the sarees from different parts of India which should be a part of every bride’s wardrobe. Try these sarees and be the most elegant and beautiful bride.

Banarasi Saree

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These are one of the most common and expensive sarees in India. It is one of the best choices for bridal wardrobe. These sareesĀ provide you a unique and exquisite look. Heavy brocade and zari work on these sarees is done in a very intricate and beautiful way. These sarees were initially introduced in India at the time of Mughals. The common designs on these sarees are woven floral patterns, figures of animals in multicolor, silver or gold and architectural designs. This is one of the must-have saree in every bride’s trousseau.

Chanderi Saree

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Chanderi is another type of sarees that is famous among ladies of India. These sarees are made up of a mixture of silk and cotton. These are light in weight and are very easy to handle. These sarees are very comfortable in the summertime. The patterns that are generally woven on these sarees are coins, geometric patterns, peacock, floral art, etc.

Bandhani Saree

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These are tie and dye sarees that easily fit every occasion. Bandhani sarees are very popular in the areas of Gujarat-Rajasthan. These sarees are famous for their unique and outstanding patterns and prints. You can use them on an everyday basis as well as on some of the special occasions. These sarees become trends at the time of Dandiya nights. Brides, keep these sarees in your wardrobe for different occasions.

Kerala Saree/Mundum Neriyathum

Traditional Indian Sarees

These sarees are famous in the Southernmost state of Kerala. These are cream or white color sarees with golden woven border. Sometimes there are some mural paintings of Kerala on the border and pallu. The Mundum Neriyathum is a saree that is available in two piece set. These sarees are made up of cotton and are very easy to handle in summers. You can also wear these sarees to your workplace after your marriage.

Sambalpuri Saree

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These sarees are famous in the areas of Orissa. Sambalpuri sarees have traditional designs like flowers, shells, wheels and many more such things. These sarees have some of the delicate ikat weaves. Sambalpuri sarees are introduced by Bhulai community. Every bride must have these sarees in their wardrobe.

Bafta Saree

These sarees are generally famous in Madhya Pradesh. This saree is a mixture of silk and cotton fabric. The advantage of this saree is that it is lightweight like cotton and also has shine just like silk. These sarees have block printing on them in a very beautiful and intricate way.

Kota Doria Saree

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They are very lightweight and are suitable for the hot and dry weather. These handloom sarees are pride for every woman but are becoming very rare nowadays. The polyester version of these sarees is a more popular alternative to these sarees. Brides should keep this saree in their trousseau.

Venkatgiri Saree

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These sarees are very famous in the regions of Andhra Pradesh. Venkatgiri sarees have a shiny finish and are light in weight. These saree pallus have design ranging from simple golden zari to heavy embroidery of ornate zari. Brides, if you want a light-weight saree with a glazy and shiny look, then add this to your trousseau.

Pochampalli saree

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These sarees are almost similar to ikat sarees of Orissa with a slight difference of being more shinier. These are cotton and silk sarees which are famous in South and also Indian Air Hostesses also wear special woven Pochampalli sarees. Pochampalli sarees have unique border designs. These sarees are suitable for daily wear and you can easily wear them to your workplace after your marriage.

Kanjeevaram saree

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If you love saree, then you must have a Kanjeevaram saree in your wardrobe. These sarees have different designs on the borders like temple prints, checks, floral designs and strips. They are suitable for bridal wardrobe and they have beautiful and intricate designs.

Narayanpet saree

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Naranyanpet Sarees is a blend of fine silk and cotton having contrast borders and beautiful zari patterns. These sarees also gained royal patronage under the rule of Shivaji. It is auspicious and traditional to wear these sarees in many parts of India.

These are some of the sarees that must be a part of your wardrobe. You can try these typical Indian sarees and can make yourself look elegant and beautiful. If you are aware of some other types of sarees, do let us know in the comment section.

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