Love To Dream? Check Out These Interesting Facts About Dreams…


    Dreams are one of the most peculiar and fascinating experiences of our lives. Some call them the messages from the God, some take it only as our mind’s story, some even believe in the concept of dreams turning into reality. Whatever, the case is, we all love dreaming and living into a dreamy world.

    Dreaming is a state where we can enjoy doing the things we love without any boundations.


    But how much do we really know about our dreams?

    Let’s explore these awesome facts about ‘Dreams’…

    You forget 90% of your Dream!

    Yes, we only remember 10% of our dream! The study says that half of our dream is forgotten within 5 minutes of our waking up. And 90% of our dream is gone in 10 minutes.


    Blind people also dream!

    The people who lost their vision after birth can see images in their dreams, whereas people those who were born blind cannot see images but they have dreams involving their senses of smell, sound, touch, and emotion!

    In our Dreams, We only see familiar faces!

    We see only those faces in our dreams, that we have seen them for real. Our mind does not invent new faces. We may or may not remember those faces but our brain utilizes only familiar faces during dreams.



    During dreams, people experience more of negative emotions than the positive ones. Anxiety is the most common emotion experienced during dreams.

    You can experience 4 to 7 dreams in one night!

    On average you can experience 4 to 7 dream in one night.



    Animals dream too!

    As per the studies, Animals too dream like humans. Animals show the same brain waves during dreaming, as humans do.  Observe a dog sleeping, you would notice his paws moving as if he is chasing something in a dream.

    Body Paralysis!

    When we sleep our body is paralyzed by a mechanism in the brain, and only our senses work. This happens to prevent the body movements while we sleep and dream. However, this mechanism can be triggered during, before or after the sleep by our brain.

    Dream Incorporation!

    Sometimes, our mind senses the external stimuli when we are asleep and makes it a part of our dream. It means our mind reads out the happenings in the surroundings and incorporates it into the dream.

    Not Everyone Dreams in color!

    Few people see dreams in all the colors while some of them can only experience black n while dreams. According to a study, 12% of sighted people see only black and while dreams whereas others experience colored dreams.


    Men and Women Dream Differently!

    Both men and women dream differently. While men dream more about the people of the same gender, women’s dream contains an equal number of men and women. Besides that, men generally have aggressive dreams.


    Precognitive Dreams!

    A study says that around 38% of people have experienced the precognitive dream and around 70% of people have experienced deja vu. To all those who don’t know the term, precognitive refers to the future sight.








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