Love Chocolates? Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Of It…


If you are among the lot, whose love for chocolates is undeniable than here we have a happy piece of news for you. Cholocates are good for your health. Yes, you heard that right. These little beans are not only good for your heart health but it also acts like a disease killing bullet. Packed with healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobromine, chocolates fends off the heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and it also helps you to get thin. Now forget about giving up your chocolate cravings!

And here we are giving you reasons to indulge in more of it.

A Healthier Heart

Study proves that chocolates have cardiovascular benefits. Having one or two servings of dark chocolate every week reduces your risk of heart failure by as much as a third. Another benefit of eating dark chocolate is that it lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 39 percent. So, go ahead and grab your piece. After all, a bar of chocolate contains 5 times flavonoids of an Apple.

Weight Loss

Love chocolates? But worried to put on those extra pounds? Well, here is a good news for you…A study claims that dark chocolates are far more filling, that is it lessens your cravings for fatty, sweet and salty foods. So, wouldn’t it be nice to indulge in a bit of healthy dark chocolate to stick to your diet in general? Jackpot!

Diabetes Prevention

Consider sweet as a diabetes foe? Think again. A study carried out in Itlay showed that person who consumed a dark chocolate bar once a day for 15 days, their potential for insulin dropped by almost half. The flavonoids present in chocolates increase nitric oxide production which helps control insulin sensitivity.

Reduces Stress

Deeply stressed? Try eating a piece of chocolate. You think we’re kidding? well, surely not. A study found that very anxious persons when ate dark chocolate regularly for 2 weeks, their stress hormone levels were significantly reduced. So, after a breakup, break up a piece of chocolate rather than breaking your room decor or someone’s leg.

Sun Protection

A study says that when you consume chocolates with high levels of flavanols for three months, your skin would take twice as long to develop that reddening effect of the beginning of a sunburn.

 Higher Intelligence

Next time you are under pressure of a workload, don’t feel guilty to grab a piece of dark chocolate. Not only will it help you to fend off your stress but it will also boost up your brain power and help you to work with more concentration. Amazing!! Right?

Cough Relief

Chocolate contains theobromine and thus is equally effective on cough as codeine is. And the good part is, it does not have any side effects on you. Codeine, on the other hand, makes most of the people feel sleepy and dull.









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