Ladies, Follow These Tips To Stay In Your Twenties Always!


A person can stay young from his heart but as we grow our body tends to feel different. yes, as we age our body starts showing the symptoms. So, to avoid these symptoms and stay young a lil more one should take care of his health and hygiene, especially women. As soon as you enter 30’s you can sense some changes that your body undergoes. Here, we bring you a few health tips to help you stay young in your thirties.

So guys, check out this list and stick to these tips for a healthy, fit and fine body:

Exercise Regularly 

As soon as the women reach the age of 30, the metabolism slows down and weight gain can lead to a number of health problems. It becomes necessary to maintain your body weight and follow a proper exercise pattern. One can go for various types of exercises like aerobics, cardio, jogging, yoga, swimming etc. Apart from that, you should make regular visits to doctor for routine check-ups.

Keep a check on Calcium Intake

Calcium should be an essential part of the diet of a woman of 30. One must keep a check on Calcium intake as the bone loss doesn’t affect much at early stages but it can lead to Osteoporosis later. You must include food items like milk, cheese, yogurt and various calcium-rich leafy vegetables and fruits in order to increase calcium intake.

Keep a Check on Hormones

Hormonal Imbalance in women causes a number of health problems which includes, hair fall, acne, low libido, mood swings, insomnia, irregular periods, thyroid and many more. With growing age, these health issues also tend to increase, it is, therefore, important to keep a check on their hormones by making regular check-ups.

Make a Family Medical History

This might not sound much important to you but during the 30s your body is more prone to diseases than ever before. So, one must create a family history as it will help the doctor to determine that which diseases you are more prone to and he can guide you to take necessary precautions to avoid them. Having a medical history will help you keep your health at bay.


Skin Care

As women reach her 30s her skin tends to get wrinkles as the skin cells get less effective with growing age. Women in their 30’s should take care of their skin well. One should avoid going into direct sunlight and one should use mild chemical-free cleansers, moisturizers and face wash. You should resort to natural treatments instead of going for chemical based products.


Healthy Diet

In the modern era, it’s in fashion to get married late. If one gets married late it is obvious to have babies after having crossed the 30s. During this age, the fertility tends to decrease and this might cause issues with one’s pregnancy. It also increases the chances of miscarriages and the child is more likely to have birth defects. To overcome these problems, it is recommended that you must improve your eating habits and indulge in a nutrient-rich healthy diet.


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