Know Your Best Physical Trait According To Your Zodiac Sign

Best Physical Trait

Ever wondered what people like the most about your physical appearance? Your beautiful looking eyes, long, luscious locks, strong brows, or the luminous skin, each one of us has a trait that people love about us. Ever thought that it could have some connection with your Zodiac Sign? Have a look yourself!

Aries- Strong Brows

strong brows

Represented by a symbol of two horns, the spirit animal of Aries is ram. Tough the face of the Aries does not actually have horns, but their intense brows imitate its shape.


 Taurus- Luminous Skin

Luminous Skin

Taurus people are very much relaxed and easygoing kind of persons. They do not let life mess them up and break their skin out. They eat what they like, sleep as much as they want and remain stress-free, resulting in a happy skin.

Gemini- Large Forehead

large forehead

Geminis have a youthful face and their large foreheads have much to do with it. Giving the face a heart-shaped look helps to counteract the heaviness of your jaws as you age.



Cancer- Cute Cheeks

Cute Cheeks

Cancerians have prominent and chubby cheeks. So get on your brushes and enhance your pretty apples with ample highlighting and pretty blushes.

Leo- Thick Hair

thick hairs

Leo the Lion, has locks that are enviably thick and lustrous. The gorgeous head of ample hairs is their best feature and they love to show it off.

Virgo- A Beautiful Back

A Beautiful back

Virgos have slender and beautiful backs. Perfect for flaunting backless dresses, their delicate features compliment their perpetually summer-ready backs.


Libra- Your Derriere


Librans are quite curvy, so it is no surprise that their utmost feature is their derriere. Be it pencil skirts, bell-bottomed jeans or bodycon dresses, they should grab every opportunity to enhance that.

 Scorpio- Hypnotic Eyes

hypnotic eyes

Scorpions have very intense eyes. So, put on some dark smokey kohl to spread the magic, we say!


Sagittarius- Good Thighs

good Thighs

Saggitarians tend to be a little outdoorsy, so they have well built, muscular limbs. Out of all, their thighs are the best feature. So, put on your best shorts and show off those legs you’ve worked for!

Capricorn- Fluttery Eyelashes

fluttery eyelashes

Capricorns are all about beauty and it comes as no surprise that their best feature is so delicate. The pretty, fluttering eyelashes define their face, bringing out the loveliness in their stern attitude.

Aquarius- Great Bone Structure

great bone structure

Aquarians are generally very good looking. But what makes them unique, is their defined bone structure, which compliments their soft delicate features.

Pisces- Luscious Lips

luscious lips

Both male and female Pisceans have pretty, luscious lips. Maybe this is the reason that they are considered the zodiac’s best kissers. If you are a Piscean and have a love for the lipsticks, then consider this a great news!





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