Joyous Moment For City’s Transgenders| Finally Gets An Official Identity- Mx


It is finally a gleeful moment for transgenders community as the city administration has decided to make a provision to add a separate prefix to their names to denote their identity. Yes! this means that besides Mr. and Ms. they will now have another option for the third gender that is Mx.

The decision was recently passed at the ‘Transgender Welfare Board Meeting’. The transgenders have welcomed the decision taken by the board and said it was a positive step for their recognition.

Victory for Transgenders

A committee chaired by Additional Deputy Commissioner Rajiv Gupta held a meeting in this lieu recently. The meeting was addressed by a 14-member panel who pushed the decision of transgenders to be recognized as the third identity. It was a moment of victory for the transgender community as they won their long-lasting battle to get themselves recognized. The transgenders have finally got an identity and can now use a separate gender-neutral title, “Mx”, in all forms and applications. The committee held that this step will safeguard the interests of the transgenders in the society and will also ensure that they do not face any discrimination.

Demand For Separate Hostel

Dhananjay Chauhan, one of the members of the Transgender Welfare Board (TWB) expressed the problems faced by the people of their society in schools and colleges. He stated that transgenders are accepted neither by men nor by women and are hence forced to leave their courses. He explained the need to have separate hostels for transgenders.

The transgenders’ society is now fighting to get separate hostels in colleges of Punjab for their people to study and gain an education with ease and without any discrimination.

Happy With The Decision

Dhananjay Chauhan stated his happiness with the decision of Chandigarh Administration to allow transgenders to add a prefix to their names in various application and admission forms. This step is sure to enhance the moral of the transgenders residing in the city and it is a joyful moment for all of them. There are nearly 3000 transgenders in the city and this step will prove to be a big boon to many in their work and personal lives.

However, more is required to be done for their society as most of them are forced to remain uneducated and they are also deprived of their rights.


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