How To Crawl Out of Depression


Knock Knock! Who is there? Hi, I am depression, May I come in? What will be your answer – Yes or No? It doesn’t matter what will be your answer because in reality depression never knocks a door before entering into your life. But when it comes, it is difficult to get rid of it. If you don’t know how to deal with it, well, it is not your fault because no one has taught us about it. Over the years, I have realized that whatever we have studied in school is a sheer waste of time. Because when life introduced you to its reality, you won’t be able to handle it, which lead you to depression. Everyone deals with depression once in a lifetime. The reason can be anything like work pressure, relationships, heartbreak, failure, etc.


 How to Crawl out of depression?



Express Your Feelings

If something is bothering you related to anything, then better express your feelings with someone you trust, either any close friend or a family member. If we numb the pain for a longer time then it will take more time to heal and result; anxiety level will get increased.


Indulge yourself in hobbies

Instead of being isolated, indulge yourself in some activity you like. This is the best way to explore yourself. Join any dance classes, or start writing, or whatever is your hobby. If you indulge yourself in any creative activity then it will not only help you in healing even boost up your confidence level.


Consult a Psychologist

A psychologist or a counsellor is a therapist who can help you out in dealing with the depression.  A therapist will guide you and educate you about your depression, which will help you in reducing depression and anxiety. Nowadays, even a regular office going person also consult a psychologist because, in the hectic world, we all need tips to deal with this workload, stress and pressure. So, there is no harm in consulting a therapist. Trust me after meeting a therapist you feel better.


Workout is the Best Medicine

Instead of burning your blood, better burn your calories. Usually, people become lazy when they are in a depression. Exercise will boost up your hormones and strengthen your muscles. If you sit ideal and thinking about the same thing over and over again then it will make you more anxious. Whereas, working out will rebuild your confidence and will help you to come out from the traumatic mental phase.




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