Heading For A Meeting Or An Interview? This Is How To Make A Great First Impression…


    It is said that first impression is created within seven seconds of meeting someone. When we meet someone for the very first time, they are constantly taking a view of how you present yourself. The way you talk, the way you walk, the way you smile, react, handshake and much more. So, if you are looking forward to a meeting or an interview for a job, you must try to create a good impression. Cause it is often said that our First Impression is our Last Impression.

    Let us simplify your task by providing you a list of few things that you must take care to create a good first impression.

    Be Mindful of how you appear to others



    From head to heels, you want to illustrate yourself with the image that best describes you. Prepare yourself well in advance and be your best self when you make the first meeting. Pay a great attention to your clothing, hairs, accessories. It will make you feel satisfied and happy and leave a great impression on others.

    Pay heed to your Body Language and Posture

    Your body language and posture plays an important role in creating the first impression. Well, body language is much more than just standing straight and making a firm handshake. These things do count but when you meet someone for the first time avoid tightly crossing your arms or legs. Similarly, don’t hunch over in your seat and also don’t ball your hands into fists. Pay attention to the person sitting in front of you and make a correct posture.

    Be on Time

    Nothing creates a bad impression than being late for your first meeting or appointment. Even a delay of a minute or two counts. So brush up your heels on time and make sure to leave well in advance considering all the traffic delays or parking hassle. Just be on time.

    Modulate your pitch and tone of Voice

    There is a lot of difference in how we sound to others and what we sound in our own head. One should avoid talking in a high pitch voice as it makes you look childish or nervous. Be soft and gentle, while talking. The study shows that fast speakers are considered more confident. So be fast when you speak but avoid filler words like “um”, “ah”, “like”, coz such words depicts your hesitation.


    Make Eye Contact

    Making an eye contact leaves a great impression on others. Just focus on the person you are speaking to. It’s hard to know the person who is looking down or elsewhere. Making an eye-contact also shows that you are confident. So, always make an eye-contact when you are talking with someone to create a good impression.


    Put your phone away

    Nothing kills the good first impression faster than the person’s phone making constant sounds. Put your phone on silent mode or turn it off. Do not even think of answering a call or responding to a text message, as it creates a negative impact.

    Make a Connection

    Pay close heed to the person you are meeting and try to construct a good connection based on their hometown or alma mater or anything. Creating a connection outside of a professional conversation can put a great impact. However, avoid being creepy and make a healthy connection.

    Don’t forget your Manners

    Showing your manners and polite behavior always leaves a great first impression. Saying “Thank you”, “Please”, “Sorry”, “Excuse Me” are taken as a sign of well behaved and genuine person.

    Be Authentic

    Just be Yourself. Take a deep breath, relax and be fabulous. Do not try to portray an image that you are not. If you are unaware of something, accept it instead of faking it. Be honest & be authentic!


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