Happy Birthday to the Iconic Singer: Arijit Singh…Some Interesting yet lesser known facts about Arijit Singh

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Arijit Singh…A singer who infuses a bucket full of emotions in his songs. Before writing anything, let us wish A very Happy Birthday to one of the best singers, Arijit Singh. His songs create a connection with his audience and leave a very soothing and beautiful impact on everyone. Is there anyone who does not like Arijit Singh? I mean, seriously, U hate him? ūüėź

He had struggled a lot to reach this point of success and he even deserves this place. But are you guys aware of some of the unknown facts about him like the reason why he still does not have a car of his own or who is his favorite singer or many similar things? If the answer to this question is no, then don’t worry, we are here. We bring some of the interesting yet lesser known facts about Arijit Singh.

All In One from High School Musical 2

Arijit singh

Arijit first song is ‘All In One’ from High School Musical 2. This song is composed by Shankar Ehsan Loy.


Arijit singh

This iconic singer has a keen interest in short stories, cycling, Bengali novels and photography.


Arijit singh

Arijit Singh has learned Indian classical music from Guru Rajendra Prasad Harjari, folk from Virendra Prasad Harjari, advanced music, Bengali songs and tabla from Dhirendra Prasad Harjari.

Tum Hi Ho

Arijit Singh

This is one of the most romantic songs for the generations. He won 9 out of 10 awards for this song and Yeah! a lot of fans too.

Music in Blood

Arijit Singh

He learned the music from his mother who is a fantastic tabla player. His mother is Bengali and his father is Punjabi.

Fan of KK

Arijit Singh

He is one of the biggest fans of the singer Krishna Kumar Kunnath (KK).


Arijit Singh

We all know him as a singer but apart from this, he is an awesome badminton player, a documentary writer, a movie freak and a writer.

Married Life

Arijit Singh

He was married to Koel Roy in 2014. Koel Roy is his childhood friend. And yeah! it is his second marriage. They are currently leaving a happily married life.

Social Work

Arijit Singh

He is a part of NGO which works for the betterment of BPL community. The name of his NGO is “Let there be light”.

Public Transport

Arijit Singh

He still travels by public transport. He doesn’t own a car of his own.


One of the dreams of this iconic singer is to work under Salman’s production house and also to work for the filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj.

Lesser known tracks by Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh

The title song of serial¬†Madhubala is also an example¬†of great work done by him. Other than this he has ‘Dadagiri’ and ‘Tomay¬†Amay Mile’ which is a title track of a Bengali television serial.

These are some of the lesser not yet interesting facts about Arijit Singh. We wish him all the success and luck in his life. Happy Birthday Arijit Singh.

Listen to these songs and fall in love with the beautiful voice of Arijit Singh.

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