Happiness is being in Chandigarh….Ditch other places and build up your story in City Beautiful


Chandigarh is a dream city for every individual who has once visited this place. Whether a resident or a visitor, everyone is in love with city beautiful. Emblem of Chandigarh symbolizes a message “to give and receive”.

Residents of Chandigarh are getting home, job, and love in the city. A visitor will be in the lap of nature and beauty and will get love from this city and this city will become the dream city for him/her. A visitor will be lost in the awesome structures like Secretariat, the High Court, the Assembly Hall, Calmness of lake, rose garden, awesome craftsmanship work of Rock Garden, nightlife of city and many more things. Here we are giving you some of the reason for ditching other cities and start a new story in Chandigarh…..

Chandigarh is The Greene city in India 

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Known by the name of city beautiful, Chandigarh is one of the greenest city in India. It is the Green City of India because of an eco-friendly environment. This city contains lots of gardens and in addition to this, the roads of city beautiful are covered with trees on both sides. City beautiful has many places which are covered with trees like Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, etc. There are parks in almost every sector which also contributes to Chandigarh being the Green City of India.

Lay down and calm yourself in nature’s lap

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What can be more serene than a lake? Watery smell, cool breezes, the silent and calm environment is all you can feel at Sukhna Lake. This is a place of the tourist attraction for everyone. This place is so calm that you can hear the sound of footsteps, bicycle riding, birds chirping. Kids can come and play, couples can visit and have a romantic walk and spend some quality time holding each other’s hand and also people can come with family for a picnic. Beautiful flowers, ducks, birds add on the beauty to this place.

Chandigarh is a city for night owls

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The city undoubetdely looks beautiful in the day but nightlife of city beautiful is awesome. The daylight changes with twinkling displays. Cool wine and beer bars replace coffee cafes. Some of the famous nightclubs which are flooded with the youths are Kitty Su, Peddlers, Paara, etc.

Why should boys have all fun !!!!!! 

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Gedi route is soulless without girls. The song “Jado nilke patola bankar, mitran di jaan te bane” well suits the girls of Chandigarh. Wakra swag of girls can make anyone heartbeat faster. They look extremely beautiful when they walk on the roads of Chandigarh and Gedi route on their Activas.

Educational Destination 

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Panjab University in Chandigarh is one of the destinations for graduation after schooling. In addition to Panjab University, there are many other colleges and institutes in city beautiful. It is a destination for students to become something and fulfill their dreams. Right from elementary education to the doctoral programs, every course is available in this city.

Chandigarh is God’s heaven on earth

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Le Corbusier has designed this city keeping in mind a structure of human body. He designed Capitol Complex in Sector 1 and considered it as ‘head’. While designing City Centre Sector 17, he thought of a ‘Heart”. Open space and all the greenery in the city is said to be the ‘Lungs’. 7V’s is taken as ‘Circulatory System’. Educational Institutes are considered as ‘Brain’. This is one of the amazing thought to plan a city in the shape of a human.

Chandigarh by Cycle 

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Chandigarh has so many cycle routes. But city beautiful has a cycle route stretched to almost 77Kms and which will soon be increased to 99Kms. There are various events related to cycle riding. People enjoy riding cycles on this routes. It is fun for the people to organize and to be a part of these cycle ridings.

Chandigarh is not only for young

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

Love can be seen in the purest form in the old couple spending time together away from family in a very calm environment like Sukhna Lake. Oldies in Chandigarh dress in a perfect manner and will be found spending time in different places of city beautiful. As soon as you spot an old couple, you will be desired to know their stories and the story of their togetherness.

Sector Satara (sector 17)

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Sector 17 of city beautiful is also an attraction for residents as well as visitors. This sector is known as ‘Heart’ of Chandigarh. This place has bookshops, eccentric shops, restaurants, hotels and also contain small indoor markets. “Pedestrians Paradise” is another name of Sector 17.The cherry on the cake is Laser Light Show which takes place from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Elante Mall

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Elante Mall of Chandigarh is the second largest mall in northern India. This mall covers an area of around 20 acres. This mall has haute couture, retail shops, electronics, play zone, many well-known boutiques and lot more. Other than all these shops, there is a proper food court which contains almost all the famous food chains. So you can have delicious and yummy things to eat in Elante Mall.


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A car with windows open and an expressway…Is anyone need anything else? Hills, jaw-dropping highways and a thrilling journey with friends or family. That is all one need to be happy and cherished on weekend. So just take your car and start giving it speed in the direction of Himalayan Expressway.

Above are some of the reason to love City Beautiful and to say bye bye to your city…..You can also share the reason why you like city beautiful in the comment section below.


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