GST – Confusion Over Items Of Daily Use


I still remember the time when the GST implementation was announced. That midnight, everyone was so curious and excited about the GST result. Our Prime Minister is a box of surprises. After the demonetization, the second surprise was the implementation of GST. As we all know that the change is never easily accepted. Therefore, in the beginning, it was the mixed response received by the government from the public regarding GST implementation. The GST rate varies according to the products and services. But it seems like there are still some doubts and confusion regarding GST rates among the people of the nation, especially, on the items of daily use.

The GST tax system was implemented three months ago, and according to the sources, the people of India are still not aware of the exact rate which is levied on the different products and services. They are basically confused regarding the tax rate levied on the products like food items, etc. This confusion arises after the changes have taken place in the GST rates. The shopkeepers and other businessmen are not clear about the rates on several items because the tax structure has been revised for several times. Sources added.

The resident of the Modern town, Mr. Jaswinder Singh said that the government has revised the GST tax rates but due to the non Рavailability of the revised rate list the consumer is in the staggered situation. He tried a lot in finding out the revised rate but did not get any result. He added.

Another resident of tricity, Deepak, who is a shopkeeper, said that the government work is not only to update the GST tax rate but also responsible for its impact, whether it is positive or negative. So, they should keep in mind the impact of the new tax regime before implementing it.




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