GMCH becomes the first government hospital to get its Navigation App


To aid the patients and visitors Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32 has come up with the concept of getting a real-time navigation system under an e-health project. This system will prove to be of great help to guide patients to the right door in its multi-floor, multi-block maze. The navigation system will work just like google maps. 

Students of the Panjab University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) have been working on this Android-based application, while the hospital is working out its cost. Recently, The student developers from the UIET gave a presentation about the system to the concerned UT Officials.The mapping work for the system has been completed and soon the navigation system will come into operation. GMCH is the first government hospital to get this smart facility.

The hospital has around 4000 average daily visitors. It becomes difficult for the patients to read department signs as many of them are less literate. This great initiative by the hospital will help the patients to get hassle-free treatment.

Previous Initiatives by GMCH,32

  • GMCH earlier started with the online registrations and appointment. The patients can now register themselves online and avoid those long queues.Going a step further from the PGI, GMCH has divided the OPD hours into time slots and patients can choose a suitable time slot for their appointment.
  • Last year, the hospital also took an initiative to get a few GPS-enabled wheelchairs for patients to access the hospital but sadly it ended at trial.

Future Projects

As of now, all the navigation systems of the hospital are offline and this would be the first online navigation system. The hospital officials are planning to bring many upgradations in their working process to ease the patients with their visits and treatment. GMCH is currently planning to make MRI, X-ray, and other laboratory test reports available online to build a patient history for better analysis.

PGI is also planning to adopt this navigation system if everything works as per the expectations of the officials. Hope this real-time navigation system brings a little relief to the patients.


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