Follow these tips to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene at your home

Tips for maintaining the hygiene of your home

It is necessary to keep your surroundings clean and hygienic. Our surroundings are very important for our health. You must have heard “Health is Wealth” and it is applicable in our daily lives. And cleanliness and proper hygiene lead towards a healthy and happy life. Here we advise you to follow these simple tips to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene at you home.

Follow these simple steps to make your home more hygienic and clean:

  • Remove spider webs from ceilings and walls regularly.
  • Clean the carpets or rugs before you place them on the floor.
  • Change cushions and sofa cover at least once in a month.

Tips for maintaining the hygiene of your home

  • Regularly clean the dust film that was collected on electric appliances or furniture.
  • Please clean the food crumbs or food items that mistakenly fell down on couch or sofa.
  • Make sure your room must have enough number of windows through which sunlight can enter the room. Sunlight is capable of killing a huge number of germs.
  • Mopping or sweeping of floor should be done on daily basis.


cleanliness and hygiene

  • Change the water of fishbowl at regular intervals.
  • Dust particles easily get clung to the curtains. So we advise you to change the curtains at a regular interval.

Some more tips to be followed:

  • Food items attract several insects like cockroaches, house fly, etc. which causes some harmful diseases. So, food should always be kept covered.
  • Keep checking the drainage system from time to time and if you find some leakage in pipes or taps, then repair them as soon as possible.
  • Do not keep unwashed utensils or plates for a longer time.
  • Always cover the utensils while cooking.


cleanliness and hygeine

  • Wash the fruits or vegetables before eating or cooking. Also, clean the kitchen counter, chopping board and knife before using.
  • There should be a trash can placed in the kitchen and keep all the waste in that trash can only.
  • For better hygiene of your family, install Aquaguard or water purifier.
  • If your garden has some unwanted weeds or grass then trim them as soon as possible as it will provide accommodation to some of the dangerous animals like snakes.
  • Always wash your hands before cooking or eating the food.


  • Make sure that the bathroom should have proper ventilation.
  • Change all your pillow covers or bedsheet at least once a month.

These are some of the tips that should be followed for cleanliness and proper hygiene of your home. If you have some more tips, feel free to share in the comments section.

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