Experience Rajasthani Aan Baan and Shan at Chokhi Dhani


Rajasthan is well-known for its traditional colorful art, folk dance, classical music, food, etc. Forts of Rajasthan are famous all over the world. Everyone plans to visit Rajasthan to enjoy the culture and tradition of the state. People consider Rajasthan a state of forts and kings, a place where you can find marvelous handicrafts and a state full of snake charmers. Real Rajasthan can be seen in villages in the form of plaster made of cow dung, delicious and mouthwatering food, painting on walls, evening performances in a very traditional way, their traditional Rajasthani costumes with white bangles and lot more. There lies the real feeling of respect, welcoming, and the happiness.

Chokhi Dhani

Situated in Panchkula, Chokhi Dhani is far away from rush and hustle of cities.  It is a place with scenic beauty, a place with fresh air, a village full of greenery. Chokhi Dhani is designed while keeping in mind the culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The idea behind designing Chokhi Dhani is to keep the coming generation attached to the culture and heritage of the state of Rajasthan. People in Rajasthani villages use cow dung to plaster the walls with the perception that it is an antiseptic which can control diseases but nowadays it is considered as a dirty thing.


As far as entertainment is concerned, Rajasthan is well-known for its classical music and dance. Chokhi Dhani brings the culture music and dance to our lives.


You can enjoy the melodious music of the evening time sitting in a Rajasthani village Chokhi Thani. It brings back instruments like Sarangi, Rawanhathha, Kamachya, Ektara, Morchang, Algoza, Satara, etc. You can sit there and enjoy the beautiful music.

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Rajasthan shows a variety of dance. Ghoomar, Kalbelia, Kathputli, Chakri, Chari dance are some of the dance forms of the state. People at Chokhi Dhani deliver dance performances maintaining the heritage of the state. Rajasthan is incomplete without Kathputli or Puppet Dance. This is one of the sources of entertainment and people enjoy it to the most.

Kalbelia is another dance form of Rajasthan. This is one of the traditional dance forms of Rajasthan. Chokhi Dhani is contributing a lot in passing on this dance form to the coming generations.

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God and Goddess

Our Indian culture is incomplete without Lord Almighty. A temple of Jungle Devta is also build in Chokhi Dhani. You will be lost in the aura of spirituality at this place. People find inner peace at this place.


Rajasthan is very well-known for the yummy food they serve. Choki Dhani has a specially designed dining hall known as Sangri. It is impossible for you to resist the aroma of the food. The thali will themselves attract you towards them. Delicious food cooked in desi ghee with spices, yogurt is the only thing which enough to make you hungry. Daal Bati Churma, gatte ki sabzi, onion kachori, missi roti are some of the things that are famous in the dining room of Chokhi Dhani.

Fun Zone

Fun ideas in the village of Chokhi Dhani are camel and horse riding. Bhool Bhuliya or many more things are available to have fun and to get rid of any kind of tension there.

Plan a day to feel Rajasthan at Chokhi Dhani in Panchkula.

Address: Amravati Enclave, Pinjore-Kalka NH22 Highway, Panchkula

Contact No.: 08396074500

Timings: 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM (School picnic timing will be from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM)

Entry Fees: Rs 1200 for two people (approx)

Just go and experience Incredible Rajasthan




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