Did You Know There Is An ‘Ideal Age’ For You To Get Married Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Check Out Yours!

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You all must have come across writings depicting your personality based on your zodiac signs or the career options which are beneficial for you according to the Zodiac sign you belong to, but ever wondered that these signs also have some relation with the age at which you should Marry. Interesting, Right?

Here we have listed down the ideal age of marriage for all the Zodiac signs. So, which sign you belong to?


Ideal Age: Late Twenties to Early Thirties

People born under this sun sign are impetuous. They tend to rush into things without giving it a perfect thought. So, being an Aries, the perfect age for you to marry is somewhere between the late twenties and early thirties so that you don’t end up taking an impulsive decision.


Ideal Age: Age is not Important, right Partner is!

Being a Taurus you are a kind of more dedicated and romantic person. You very much believe in the intuition of marriage and tend to look for a partner who can emotionally connect with you. For you age is just a number and you will tie the knot only when you find the right ‘one’.



Ideal Age: Early Thirties

You are kind of a dual personality. You love the idea of getting married but at the same time, you incline to run away once its charm seems to fade away. The correct age for you to take the plunge is in your early thirties when you are sure about your decisions.


Ideal Age: Early Twenties

Being a Cancerian you love the idea of being in a relationship and having a family. You make the efforts to make the relationship last and have no doubts in making a commitment. The ideal age for you to tie the knot starts from the early twenties.



Ideal Age: Late Twenties or Early Thirties

You are very choosy by nature and this quality of yours makes you take time while choosing the life partner. Yo are a kind of person who would prefer staying single than settling down with a partner who is not compatible. The late twenties or early thirties is the perfect age for you to get settled.



Ideal Age: Late Twenties

you are the perfectionist. You like to maintain the right balance in life. You strike to look for nothing but the best. You will happily get hitched when you find the right partner. Late twenties is the correct time for you to get hitched.


Ideal Age: Late Twenties

The idea of marriage is something that fascinates you. You are an easy going person and look for a long-term commitment. The right age for you to take the plunge is the late twenties.



Ideal Age: Age is just a number, finding the right Partner is important to you!

Scorpions are passionate lovers. For you finding the right partner is all that matters. Tie the knot whenever you find your soulmate.



Ideal Age: Mid Thirties

Commitment is hard to expect from you as are likely to get bored of any relationship. You like adventurous and thrilling experiences and tend to run away when the charm of the relationship is over. So, you need to take time before coming down to any decision and hence should settle down in your mid-thirties.



Ideal Age: Early Twenties

Capricorns make up loyal and dedicated partners. Though you are career oriented but you don’t mind juggling the personal and professional life. The early twenties is the perfect time for you to take the plunge.



Ideal Age: When you find the right Partner

You are a kind of person who requires his own space and loves to be free. So, you need to look for a person who understands your viewpoint and gives you your required space. So, do not rush into things. Wait for the perfect partner.



Ideal Age: Early Thirties to Mid Thirties

You are a daydreamer and love to live in the fairy world. You like fantasizing about having the ideal relationship. So, be patient and look for a partner who matches your idea of relationships. The correct age for you to marry is the early thirties to mid-thirties.

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