Dear Society, Here Are 7 Things We Women Are Absolutely Not Sorry For!


    Have you ever noticed that women say sorry a lot, even for the things that don’t warrant an apology? Women are often expected to follow the set norms of the society and never allowed to follow their own heart. But there’s no need to explain our actions to the world and apologize for something we believe is OK. So, here we, the girl power is standing up for each other and shouting out to the world for the things that we are absolutely not sorry for!

    #1. For being independent!

    Being able to rely on your own self both emotionally & financially is a great thing and do we really apologize for great things in life? No, we don’t!

    #2. For picking a job that we like even though it’s unconventional!


    Why should we not do something just because it’s unusual? Sorry, we’re not SORRY!

    #3. For not willing to get married!


    Our life, our rules…there is no such thing as “Shaadi toh┬ákarni hi padegi”. We can stay single, have a low key wedding or choose to live it however we want!

    #4. For wearing what we like!


    You can’t wear shorts because you have fat thighs or can’t carry bright colors because they don’t compliment my dusky skin. No, not again, we embrace our imperfections and are very proud of them!

    #5. For being too much!


    Too much makeup or overdressed? Sorry, we’re not here to please anyone. No matter how perfect you look, someone will still have a problem. So, let it be!

    #6. For crying out L.O.U.D!


    Yes, we are emotional. Sometimes we are vulnerable, we cry it out loud and we’re not sorry about that. Afterall we are humans!

    #7. Setting boundaries or going all out!


    Whoever we are. Whatever we do. We own it! It is something we’ll never be sorry for…


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