Customs Department Has Found Gold on The Flight


Dhanteras is over a week ago but we can see it after effect. It seems there are some people who are still in the mood of celebrating dhanteras. No, I am not talking about the Dhanteras in which we buy a gold. Here, I am talking about the dhanteras in which the customs intelligent staff has found the gold on the flight. It seems like it is a Diwali for the customs department and the Diwala for the accused who failed in smuggling the gold.

According to the sources, the gold has been recovered by the customs in the Dubai – Chandigarh flight on Wednesday 25th October 2017 at the Chandigarh international airport, at Mohali.

The name of the accused has not been revealed by the team of customs intelligent staff but according to the sources, The accused is a Punjab – based financier. They have recovered 600 gm of gold, worth around 16-lakh. Sources Added. The accused has planned a great strategy. His motive to evade customs duty on the gold. So, he hides booty in the shape of the gold chain under a seat of the plane. Sources added.

According to the sources, the strategy of the accused was very brilliant. As he knows that the Dubai – Chandigarh flight later goes to Delhi. So, he planned to hide the gold under the seat of his accomplices who have booked a ticket in the flights and thought that it will be easy to take it out from the domestic airport in Delhi, because as we all aware that the security does not check the domestic fliers thoroughly.

It seems it was a bad day for the accused as their strategy did not work and caught by the customs intelligent staff. In the end, the sources added, that the legal action will be taken against the accused under the provision of the customs act.

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