Creek fire jumps 210 Freeway, spreads into Shadow Hills and Angeles National Forest


A wildfire took place in foothills of Angeles National Forest which is a place above Lake View Terrace and Slymer. This fire jumps over 210 Freeways and destroyed near about 30 homes on its way. This wildfire injured two firefighters and spread into a distance of near about 11,000 acres. This wildfire is driven by Santa Ana Winds and started from Little Tujunga Canyon Road at around 4:00 AM. Because of this wildfire people living on both sides of 210 Freeway threaten down. A rough estimate was given by the authorities on Tuesday Evening.

Reaction of people on Wildfire

Eric Garcetti who is Mayor of Los Angeles declare a red alert in the city and announce this as an emergency situation for the city. He also removes 110,000 to 150,000 people from the nearby areas as Santa Ana winds are flaming down in San Fernando Valley. Garcetti asked people to leave their home as it is. He also said that he was concerned about the lives and not structures or money. He warned people by saying that Santa Ara wind can go in any direction so people are unaware of the conditions and it is better to leave the place.

Near about dozen schools are closed after the order was given by Los Angeles School District official and many freeways are also blocked by the California Highway Patrol. Officials have reported the situation by saying that around 20 out of 30 homes are burned in the areas of Little Tujunga, Kagel and Lopez Canyons.

A local woman Judy Hofman Sanders, residing in the affected place was unable to describe her feelings at the time when her house get engulfed in flames.

Terrazas defined the condition to be critical and also said that people from the crew are working hard in order to protect the lives and property as well. Also the Fire Chief, Daryl Osby said that conditions are challenging for the crew members. He also said that this firefight is really difficult to handle but crew members are trying their best to handle the conditions. Near about 800 firefighters are battling with the flames and also more than 50 engines are working in order to control the fire.

One of the local resident Wood Grigsby said that at around 4:00 AM when he came out of the house he found his house surrounded by flames.

According to National Weather Service, Santa Ana Winds are expected to be continued till Thursday at least. All the nearby areas are on red alert and crew members have evacuated almost all the people from the areas affected or supposed to be affected.


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