City Boy And Woman From Jagadhri Detected With Swine Flu


An 18-year-old Chandigarh boy becomes the first Swine Flu patient in the city this year. Also, an 85-year-old woman from Jagadhri has been tested positive for the H1N1 Virus.

The boy fell ill on his visit to Amritsar with his family a week ago. According to Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal, Nodal Officer at PGI, the child visited the hospital when his condition worsened and there he was tested positive for Swine Flu.

The condition of the boy is critical and he has been kept on the life support system.  The condition of the woman from Jagadheri is also stated to be serious. After her complaint of difficulty in breathing, she has been kept on Oxygen.

A prophylactic treatment of patients and the family members of the boy was carried out by The Health Department on Thursday.


The City Beautiful witnessed its first swine flu death two days ago. The casualty was  Tarsem Singh, a resident of Kharar. Singh came in contact with the virus nearly two weeks ago and was rushed to PGI on February 9 in a critical condition. He died on February 12.

Health Advisory

  • Avoid visiting crowded places if you have a fever or a sore throat.
  • Visit the nearest government hospital if you have symptoms such as fever, sore throat or difficulty in breathing.
  • Nutritious and a healthy diet is a must.
  • Take complete rest.
  • Do wash your hands properly and regularly.
  • Do cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing to avoid the spread of germs.
  • Maintain distance if visiting an affected person.

Prophylactic Treatment: Explained!

Prophylactic Treatment is basically a preventive measure taken to avert a disease or some unwanted consequence. The treatment is carried out in order to prevent a person from catching a particular disease. In case of Swine Flu patients, the family members of the diseased are given a prophylactic treatment to prevent the spread of the disease.





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