Chandigarh MC Faces Financial Crisis | Officials Asked To Prepare The White Paper




Penurious planning, Lack of political unanimity in revising prices and massive projects with skimpy returns are some of the reasons which led to the financial crisis in Municipal Corporation. The situation is so worse that MC is just left with the funds to pay salaries for the next two months only. Municipal Commissioner, Jatinder Yadav has instructed the officers of MC to prepare a White Paper on the Financial condition of the local body. The experts feel that the situation would not have arisen if the resources were used judiciously in the past.

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation- The Loss Report!

The multi-level parking in sector 17 on which more than Rs 46 crore have been spent for its construction has been underutilised for years. The Multi-level parking usually remains vacant all the time and the parking observes as many as 20 visitors parking vehicles there daily.


MC has spent lavishly on the construction of new community centers after demolishing the old ones. Crores have been spent on the construction of the same and there has been no revision in the booking charges for these community centers.


A community center was recently constructed in sector 38 by the Municipal Corporation by occurring a cost of Rs. 4.75 crores. Same way, a bridge was constructed in sector 17 at a cost of Rs. 22 Crores. MC has also suffered a loss of Rs. 8 crores, on account of the booths on the underbridge remaining unsold for the past five years. The Fish Market which was constructed by spending crores of rupees has yet not been fully utilized. The non-allotment of Shopping center at Vikas Nagar, Mauli Jagran has also caused a loss of Rs. 7 Crore to the Municipal Corporation.


MC has also not recovered the rent of transit sites at Mauli Jagran which has caused a loss of Rs 8 crores as stricken in the audit report. The audit report also pointed out that crores have been spent on study tours with almost zero returns. The collection of revenue is also very poor with no accountability. The corporation has also been suffering losses amounting to Rs. 30 crores a year for not revising the water charges.





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