Chandigarh International Airport will be closed for two weeks.Here is the reason


Chandigarh International Airport has been in some additional construction phase from last few days. The announcement was done that the airport will be closed for two weeks of February. Not even a single flight will be operated from and to Chandigarh Airport in the time interval of these two weeks. The two weeks duration will be from 12th February 2018 to 26th February 2018. Authorities had declared this on Saturday.

Right now, Chandigarh International Airport is connecting to Dubai, Sharjah and 27 domestic flights which are connecting Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Leh, Jammu, Bengaluru, etc. And a new flight from Chandigarh to Bangkok is commencing on 11th December 2017.

Reason for closing Chandigarh International Airport for two weeks

We know that Chandigarh International Airport is upgrading its runway. News of installing some new technologies are also there. Presently the length of the runway is 9000 feet and work to increase the length up to 10200 feet is in progress. The increased length of the runway will let the wide-bodied aircraft to operate from city beautiful. Flights to Europe, US, Australia will be started after the completion of the construction work of the airport. The deadline given for the completion of all the work is the end of 2018. All the related airlines are informed in advance about the news of the closing of Chandigarh Airport for two weeks of February. The airport will be totally closed for two weeks so that the work can speed up. Also, new technologies can also be installed and properly tested in this time duration.

Problem faced by traveler ‘s

Chandigarh International Airport is connecting places nationally as well as internationally. It is one of the airports for the people of Punjab, Haryana and neighboring states. People have to change their plans and have to work accordingly. This closing of Chandigarh International Airport will affect travelers the most. This is one of the reasons for making this announcement two months before. There is enough time for travelers to reschedule their plans. There is enough time to think about the possibilities and for modifying their plan as soon as possible.

We advise people to reschedule their journey in order to avoid the rush at the end. There is enough time to make the possible changes in plans. We hope that the construction work on Chandigarh International Airport will complete soon within the given deadline as it will affect many people.



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