Bathinda Woman Dies As Her Hair Gets Entangled In Go-Kart


A 28-year old Bathinda Woman was killed in an accident near Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore after her hair got entangled in a Go-Kart while taking a ride. Her hair got severed, tearing her scalp off the head.

The casualty has been identified as Puneet Kaur aged 28, a resident of Rampura Phul in Bathinda. The accident took place on February 14 at around 2 pm.

Puneet Kaur, along with her husband Amarjeet Singh and other family members visited Pinjore for sightseeing. They decided to visit the Amusement park, set up near the gate of the Yadavindra Gardens where the incident happened.


Modus Operandi

Both the victim and her husband Amarjeet decided to take a ride in a go-kart. The victim’s hairs were open at the time of the accident said the police.

She was sitting on the left side of the kart while her husband was driving. When they were about to complete the first lap of the track, her hairs got entangled in the rear wheel of the go-kart. She screamed as most of her hairs got pulled off. Her husband raised the alarm and the kart was stopped, her helmet fell off. Her scalp got peeled off, she fell unconscious and she was rushed to a nearby hospital. From there she was referred to General Hospital, sector 6, Panchkula where she was declared brought dead. The postmortem will be conducted on Thursday.

Safety measures under scanner

The incident left everyone in shock. Neeraj Gupta, manager of Yadvendra gardens told that they ensure all the safety measures. They have assigned one person particularly to ensure that people wear proper head guards and follow all the rules before they start their ride. It is quite shocking for the management that this incident has happened.

The speed of the go-kart is 20-30 Km/hour which is not very high. However, the investigations are on. The main gate of the amusement park has been closed for now and the activities have been suspended.

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