Awesome Things To Look Forward To In 2018!


Whether it was the natural disasters that decimated innumerable communities or it was the scientific breakthroughs which help us progress, 2017 is DONE!

Another Year is here to start so in the spirit of optimism, here are few things that we can look forward to this year. From pioneering scientific advancements to the Royals and the massive sports events, here is a list of nine things that we must look forward to in 2018!


A Royal wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement on November 27, 2017, and wedding bells are expected to ring for them in May this year. Though no official date has been set yet everyone is in the wait for them to get hitched. The grand event is said to be held at St. George’s Chapel, a historic church on the Windsor Castle grounds. Everyone’s eyes will surely be glued to the big day!


The Winter Olympics

The much awaited Winter Olympics 2018, are going to be held in Pyeongchang in South Korea. The multi-sport event will take place from 9th Feb to 25th Feb 2018.

8 more Gold medals will be up for the grab this time with 4 new events being introduced. The new events include a snowboarding big air event and alpine team skiing event.




The World Cup

There is much more than just Winter Olympics for the sports lovers this year. Well, yes the FIFA world cup is all set to take place in Russia this year. The tournaments for the World Cup are scheduled between June 14 and July 15. It would be interesting to see a healthy competition between 32 national teams.

Midterm Elections

Looking forward to what more, then the midterm elections are surely not to be missed. It will definitely be the most talked about events of the year. So, it is the perfect opportunity for you to exercise your American right and VOTE.

The Commercial Space Travel


Space will now be open for the common people by the end of 2018. According to some reports, two people have already paid for a week-long space trip and are receiving training for the same.

Normal people would now be able to walk to the Moon. Amazing! Isn’t it?


The 100,000 Genomes Project

The project of sequencing 100,000 whole genomes which began in 2012 is said to wrap up in 2018. The project once completed, will help the scientists all around the world to diagnose patients earlier and create better treatments.

Insight into Mars


A search to Planet Mars will now be possible with the robot named ‘Insight’. The robot which was manufactured in 2010 to listen the ‘Marsquakes’ will finally be launched into space on May 05, 2018.

The robot will help the scientists to have an idea of how the planet was built and what is it made up of.



Super-fast Travel

The start of this year 2018, might mark the beginning of hi-speed-travel. The hyperloop could be open to the normal public by the end of this year. This Boom Supersonic Jet will help reduce the travel time between two places. Great, Isn’t it?

The Royal Baby


The royal family of Prince William and Catherine Middleton are all ready to welcome their third child in April 2018. Both of them shared this good news with the public in October last year.

35 years aged William and Kate are already parents to two children- Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Now everyone is just waiting to welcome the Royal baby number three.


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