Are You Aware About The Cleanliness Report of The Chandigarh? Read Now…


If you have a smartphone with the number of apps but do not have installed Swachh Bharat app yet then somewhere you are lacking behind in the contribution of making India a clean India. As per the national ranking, the Chandigarh is lacking behind in the matter of cleanliness as the people of Chandigarh not actively participating in the performance feedback. Chandigarh is lacking behind in the citizen feedback category.

You will be surprised to know that only 5,000 people in the city have downloaded this app. Chandigarh has scored 379.05/600 in the citizen feedback and swachhta app category. which is very low and due to this lower score the city had slipped to the 11th ranked from the second. The city can reach in the top 10 only if the 30,000 people download it and report their grievances through this app.

Saurav Mishra, Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation have encouraged the citizens to install this app and actively participate in sending feedback. This app easy to access, all you need to do is just click a photo of garbage you have seen in your locality and upload it to the mobile application. The app will locate the site of garbage and send an alert to the area sanitary inspector with the motive to get the place cleaned. After getting the job done, the inspector would have to revert back with the status. In case, the sanitary inspector fails to get the place cleaned within two days, action would be taken against him accordingly.

According to the Baljinder Singh Bittu, president of the Federation of Sectors Welfare Association Chandigarh, people like to install only those apps in which they are interested. The numbers show that the majority is not interested in participating. Elderly persons is another section of the society who are not mobile friendly, therefore it is difficult for them to use this app and send a feedback. So, the grievance addressal system needs to be simplified. He Added.

The citizen like Mandeep Singh, who is a resident of a sector  19, are using this app and very much impressed with the idea of sending grievance feedback through the app. We recommend you all to take initiative and install this app to make your city and the nation a clean and a beautiful place to live.

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