9 Everyday Habits That Are Slowly Damaging Your Brain!


You feel tired very often, you’ve started forgetting things, facing lack of concentration, the strange thing is it all happens as a result of our activities, sleeping too late, not eating anything until the afternoon or consuming a high quantity of Alcohol every day…..the problem is we get too involved in everyday tasks and forget to take care of the most important part of our Body: Our Brain!

Yes, from the blink of our eye to the most tiring physical activity…everything is supported by our brain function. Our brain is the most essential and delicate organ of our body. We must pay attention to keep our brain healthy.

Here are few everyday activities which hamper the functioning of our brain, we must avoid them as far as possible and take good care of our Brain.

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast being the first meal of the day is quite essential for our body. It is the most important meal of the day because it influences our performance, endurance, and emotional situation. One must not ignore the breakfast. The habit of skipping breakfast can cause lack of energy, poor physical and intellectual performance, loss of concentration and memory, bad moods and so on…



Smoking is very injurious to our brain health. The habit of smoking results in the degradation of the brain. Smoking cuts the supply of oxygen to our brain and also promotes the appearance of neuro diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Elevated Sugar Consumption

The intake of refined sugars in more quantity results in accumulation of harmful substances in our body. This increases the chances of developing a tumor and interferes with neurological development.

Constant Exposure to Contaminated Environment


When we stay in a contaminated environment for longer hours, the toxic substances present there interferes with the oxygen supply to our brain. Thus! our brain efficiency to work reduces.


Lack of sleep


Our brain keeps on working all day long. It works even when our body is at rest. So, in order to function properly our brain too requires a rest in form of sleep. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is required for our mind to rest. When we deprive ourselves of the sleep, it accelerates the death of our brain cells and keeps us tired all day.


Eating excess food is as bad for our brains as it is for our stomach. Eating food more than what our body requires results in the hardening of the cerebral arteries and hence impacts its correct functioning.



Consumption of Alcohol is bad, not only for our body but for our nervous system too. Alcohol severely attacks our liver, heart and our Brain. Consuming Alcohol also kills neurons and also reduces the speed of our nerve impulses.

Covering your Head while sleeping


when you sleep with your head covered, the concentration of Carbon dioxide increases resulting in the reduction of oxygen. We thus end up inhaling carbon dioxide which causes harmful effects on our brain.



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