7 foreign Languages We Indians Can Easily Learn And Feel Fancy About It!

Foreign Language


Lots of colors, Spicy food, thousands of cuisines, narrow lanes, unimaginable traffic, religious processions, stunningly beautiful temples, sweltering heat, amazing history and over 500 languages. Yes, ‘My India’ is great and so are Indians.

We Indians are very lucky that we grow up multilingual and there we have a tremendous advantage when it comes to picking up a foreign language to learn. So guys, if learning a foreign language has always been on your bucket list but don’t actually know where to begin, Welcome! Here are a few languages that won’t give you a tough time learning. So, go ahead and tick them off your bucket list.


#1 Spanish


It’s sassy. It’s romantic. It’s the second most spoken language in the world, Indeed! Not only this, it’s easy to learn as Spanish shares so many common roots with English. Spanish is very straightforward in its spellings and pronunciation.

#2 Norwegian


Well, it is the easiest language for English speakers to learn. Go through some of the words and you will agree! Just a little practice and there you go…

#3 German


Well, German isn’t really that easy language to learn. But what makes German an easy language to go is the fact that it is greatly influenced by Indo-Europian languages, particularly¬†Sanskrit. So, if you are fluent in English and hold a good hand in one of the Indian languages, then you already have an edge over others.


#4 Indonesian


Indonesian language is easy to learn as Indonesia has certain linguistic similarities with languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, and Tamil.


#5 Italian


you need not be convinced to pick this one, agree? Very close to English, Italian is a very beautiful language to learn. Apart from the amazing food-related vocabulary, the language is also good to appreciate all those literary works!

#6 Portuguese


One of the prettiest sounding languages in the world, Portuguese shares a large portion of its vocabulary with English. What’s interesting about this language is that you can make a good amount of conversation just by learning a few words.

#7 Malay


Malay is the official language of Malaysia. It has borrowed dialects from Hindi, Sanskrit, Dutch, Tamil, Portuguese and Chinese, thus making it simpler to grasp.


So, which one are you going to learn?


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