6 Foods To Delay Periods Naturally


Those monthly cramps and pain faced by every woman. It hurts more when it knocks your door at the wrong time. I mean to say, that when you plan a Goa trip with friends or having a BFF wedding but it all get spoiled when the periods arrive to interrupt your plans.

What If I tell you that now you can enjoy your Goa trip or BFF wedding without worrying about periods? Yes, now you can easily postpone your periods by consuming these food items.


6 Foods To Delay Periods Naturally



If you take vinegar + water, 3 to 4 times a day, it will help to delay periods. I know it doesn’t taste good but it can make your wish fulfil. Isn’t cool?




Lemon is very helpful in delaying periods. What more could you ask for? All you need to do is take a lemon in a glass of water till you want to delay it.



Besan Soup

Besan halwa is my favourite. But here I am not talking about besan halwa. I am talking about besan soup which can help you in delaying your periods. So that you can enjoy your BFF wedding before any cramps or pain.




Cucumber not only helps in cooling down your body and providing adequate hydration. But also keeps your periods away till you want them to stay away.




Tamarind is very helpful in keeping periods away. Sounds tangy? All you have to do is, soak some tamarind in water for some time. Strain it and add some salt and sugar before consuming. Keep periods away until you want.




Who doesn’t like Papaya? I mean fruits are rich in fibre and contain so many health benefits. Delaying periods is one of the useful benefits of consuming Papaya. It helps in delaying periods as per your wish.




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