Some Interview Tips That Can Help You – The Do’s and the Don’ts

Do's and Dont's in an interview

Are you preparing for an interview? If yes, then we advise you to go through this article. Interviews may be menacing as we are not aware of the mentality and exact needs of the employer. The more you prepared, the more chances to crack it. Here we have some important points to be considered while preparing for an interview. We bring some of the Do’s and Dont’s which you should go through before appearing for an interview.


Things which can make an interview successful:

If you need your interview to be successful then you need to keep some basic aspects in mind:

  • Make the interviewer feel that it will be a great opportunity for you to work with their company or organization.
  • The presentation or description of the projects you are representing should be diplomatic, efficient and sharp.
  • Always try to be modest, genuine while giving the interview.
  • Each and every detail related to posture, style, dress, etc. of yours matter a lot at the time of the interview.


Things interviewer generally look for

The interview process is very short. In this short duration, the interviewer tries to analyze you on some basic criteria. Some of the things on which you are judged are:

  • Appearance: It includes your style, professionalism, etc.
  • Body Language: This is one of the important criteria you are judged on.
  • Tact: It is about judging your professional language and your etiquettes.
  • Confidence: This is one of the most important thing every interviewer notices in you.


Job Interview Do’s

  • Always dress properly while heading for an interview.
  • Be expressive and make your point of view very clear without any hesitation.
  • Always carry all the important documents.
  • Always make an eye-contact with the person.(You are communicating with the employer, not with the walls of the room).
  • If you are sitting in front of a penal, then make sure to answer the person who asked you the question and make a brief eye contact with others.
  • Be confident.
  • Try to show the enthusiasm for the company and the post you have applied.
  • If you got a call for the post you have applied for, then it means the interviewer already liked you but during an interview, it is your responsibility to maintain that positive image of yours.
  • If your weaknesses are asked, then with your weakness describe the way you adopted to rectify them.

Job Interview Dont’s

  • Never try to be smart by completing the sentence of the interviewer or by start answering the question even before the interviewer has completed.
  • Don’t wear a huge amount of aftershaves or perfume.
  • Never make excuses for the failures you have faced in your life.
  • There is no need to discuss your personal life with the interviewer.
  • If you don’t know the answer simply admit it or say you don’t know the answer. Don’t try to fake your answers.

These are some of the interview tips which can increase your chances to be selected for the job. Follow these tips and All the Best for your upcoming interview.

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