5 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation


In the world of noise, silence is something to be loved, and inner voice is something to be cherished. When you are tired of the noise from the outside world, you need to connect with your inner self. But how will it be possible? How can we connect with the inner self? Is it possible to attain peace of mind? So many questions and only one answer- ‘Meditation.’

The most common benefit of meditation is stress relief. If you add meditation to your daily life, you will find yourself almost free of stress, anxiety, anger, and will start feeling calmer, more relaxed and more focused.


Let’s find out the 5 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation


Meditation helps you lose weight

A study shows that people who are stressed or anxious often, are overeaters or have a strong tendency to emotional eating as a way of pampering themselves. If you’re in the process of fitness and trying to resolve this issue, meditation may be the answer.



It relieves anxiety and depression

Researchers and scholars have shown in their study the positive effects of meditation on the depressed and anxious people. According to them, meditation encourages them to think positive which helps them in finding creative solutions to problems, instead of feeling stuck or helpless.



It rebuilds you brain

Harvard Medical School researchers have examined the impact of meditation on the brain and concluded that a regular meditation has a dramatic increase in their brain’s gray matter. Gray matter is found in the central nervous system which controls hearing, memory, muscle function, emotion, and speech. Therefore, meditation plays a great role in making your brain bigger.



It helps you sleep better

Kriya yoga (a form of meditative exercise) is very helpful for those who are insomniacs. A better sleep brings a healthy life, helps in weight loss, and improves brain function. Therefore, we should add meditation in our daily life as it improves our sleep time, sleep efficiency, sleep quality and depression.



It increases productivity

Meditation helps you in increasing your productivity at work, improve your performance, and build your confidence. A study shows that meditation also improves relationships with supervisors and co-workers.






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