5 Best Healthy Foods That Relieve Anxiety


We have heard million times that ‘Health is wealth’ but when life problems make you insane, all you want to do is to reach out to the snacks or a burger to get out of this frustrated mood swing. The junk food may taste good, but do you have any idea that it can also lead to anxiety-induced insomnia and several hormonal issues? This is true that there is no such medicine to cure stress and anxiety completely, but you can include some foods in your diet that will help in boosting your mood and will surely calm your nerves. Check out these five easily available foods that can help in relieving stress.


The 5 Best Healthy Foods That Relieve Anxiety



Bananas are rich in potassium which regulates the blood pressure. They are known to cure heartburn and control blood sugar level. The banana contains carbohydrates which produce a chemical, serotonin, which calms the nerves.


Dark Chocolate

Cocoa contains high antioxidants which help in reducing stress. Consumption of any food that contains 70 percent cocoa content will instantly make your mood happy, as it sends a message to the brain to release the happy chemicals.



Oats are a great source of fibre, which helps in reducing cholesterol levels and minimises the risk of heart ailments. It contains nutrients and vitamins that give various health benefits. They are rich in vitamin B, which help in stabilising a mood.




Cashew contains zinc, which helps in boosting immunity. It also contains magnesium and tryptophan, which plays a great role in mood lifting. These chemicals can stable your mood.


Green Tea

Green Tea helps in boosting the energy. It contains antioxidants and the component, theanine, which plays an important role in reducing the depression. A cup of green tea is sufficient and helpful in increasing the relaxation-inducing waves in the brain.



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