21 Everyday Things We Never Knew Had A Name


    I just love the fragrance…oh no it’s the smell…wait, wait….the aroma of the air after it rains. What do we call it? It’s called the Petrichor. Have you too been tongue-tied when you try to explain something you saw or felt but could not name it? well, from the foam over the beer to the loop of your belt, there are a lot of things that we come across every day but do not know how to name it.

    Well, to save you all from such situations and to enhance your vocabulary a bit we have listed down a few words that you must know. Just have a look!

    #1. Aglet


    Well, the plastic coating that you see on a shoelace is called the Aglet.

    #2. Aphthongs


    Do you know this one? Actually, Aphthongs refers to the silent unpronounced letters found in the words.

    #3. Barm


    What do you call the foam over the beer? Yes! It is called Barm.

    #4. Box Tent

    Box Tent

    Seen this mini table in the middle of the pizza box? Well, it is called the Box Tent.

    #5. Collywobbles


    Collywobbles is the term used to explain the feeling of having butterflies in the stomach.

    #6. Crapulence


    Crapulence refers to the sick feeling that you get after eating or drinking too much.

    #7. Cronicione


    Can you guess this one? No? Okay, so the outer part of the Pizza crust is called Cronicione.

    #8. Dysania


    Do you find it hard to get out of the bed in the morning? Everyone does. What do we call it? Dysania??

    #9. Interrobang


    When the question mark is combined with an exclamation mark, it is called an Interrobang.

    #10. keeper


    Okay, so now try guessing this one…Yes, the loop that keeps the end of your belt in place is called the keeper.

    #11. Lemniscate


    The infinity symbol is called the Lemniscate.


    #12. Mondegreen


    The misheard song lyrics…


    #13. Muntin


    Muntin refers to the strips separating the window panes.

    #14. Nurdle


    Nurdle is a dab of toothpaste on the brush.

    #15. Octothorpe


    We name it as a hash, but it is actually called Octothorpe

    #16. Overmorrow


    Oh! this one is easy. What do we call the day after tomorrow? It’s called Overmorrow.

    #17. Petrichor


    Love the aroma of the air after it rains? Do you know what is it called? Petrichor. Yes, Petrichor.

    #18. Punt


    Punt refers to the bottom of the wine bottle.

    #19. Tines


    The prongs on a fork are called the Tines.

    #20. vocables


    Vocables are the ‘la la las’ and the ‘na na nas’ in the songs.

    #21. zarf


    Zarf is the cardboard sleeve on top of a coffee cup.




    So, how many did you know?? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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