15 Things You Never Knew Had An Expiration Date!

    These things too expire

    It’s pretty easy to make out when things like milk and juices go bad. And, certain other things like food items that have an expiration date clearly marked on their packaging. But what about products which necessarily do not have an expiration date listed? Do they lose their effectiveness over time? Yes, they do. Here we have listed down a few products that might not have an added expiration date to it but they do lose their effectiveness over time. Read on to know more…


    #1. Pillows


    Expiry: After 2-3 years!

    Over time, pillows start becoming a home for dust mites and also if used for a longer period can cause neck pain due to an inevitable loss of shape.

    #2. Slippers


    Expiry: After 6 months

    Slippers provide a perfect environment for the spreading of fungal infection. Therefore, we should wash them properly and not use one for more than 6 months.

    #3. Towel


    Expiry: After 1-3 years!

    Wet Towels provide a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria. Even constant washing cannot solve the problem. So, we should replace our towel after 1-3 years.


    #4. Toothbrush


    Expiry: After 3 months

    Of course, you need to replace your toothbrush when its bristles become worn down. But one should also replace the toothbrush if you’ve had flu or cold to avoid becoming ill again.

    #5. Hydrogen peroxide

    hydrogen peroxide

    Expiry: 2 months

    Hydrogen Peroxide turns into regular water 2 months after you open the bottle. A closed bottle, however, should not be stored for more than a year.

    #6. Hairbrush


    Expiry: After 1 year

    Hairbrushes should be cleaned regularly and should be replaced once in every year.

    #7. Perfume


    Expiry: After 1-3 years

    Perfumes generally last 3 years when stored closed and 2 years when stored open.

    #8. Sunscreen

    Sun Screen

    Expiry: After 3 years

    Sunscreen works at its full strength for around 3 years only. So, we should avoid using it after 3 years.

    #9. Lipstick


    Expiry: After 2 years

    Lipsticks, when exposed to air, starts to dry out and you can experience a change in its consistency in around 2 years. So, you should not use the same lipstick for more than 2 years.


    #10. Child Car Seat

    child car seat

    Expiry: After 6-10 years

    Avoid buying a second-hand car seat for your child as the plastic and form tend to deteriorate over the time.


    #11. Running Shoes

    running shoes

    Expiry: After 1 year

    Your sneakers start losing their cushioning once you hit 250-300 miles. This can cause more stress to your joints. So, one should replace their shoes every year.

    #12. Spices


    Expiry: After 1-3 years

    Spices tend to lose their taste and smell over time. Ground spices should not be kept longer than 6 months.

    #13. Flour


    Expiry: After 6-12 months

    You can store high-grade flour for over a year whereas first-grade flour can only be stored for 6 months.

    #14. Fire Extinguisher

    fire extinguisher

    Expiry: After 15 years

    Normally, the fire extinguishers work as fine for over 15 years but if there is any damage to it, you better have it serviced asap.

    #15. Power Socket

    power socket

    Expiry: After 4-5 years

    Yes, they too have an expiration. These power sockets do not have any written expiration dates but it is recommended that we should change them every 4-5 years to avoid electrical fires in the home.


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