15 Inspiring Stephen Hawking Quotes On Life, Love And The Universe

Stephen Hawking

One of the most brilliant minds of our time, a physicist and a cosmologist, Stephen Hawking passed away recently, at the age of 76. The bequest that Hawkings left behind will always be cherished for generations to come.

At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disorder and was told he had just two years to live. Hawking went on to defy death and survived for almost half a century, and boy, did he make all those years count? Indeed! Hawking will always be remembered for the person he was and the wisdom about the nature of life and universe that he had.


#1 “We are all different, but we share the same human spirit. Perhaps it’s human nature that we adapt and survive.”

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#2 “I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is so less. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth.”

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#3 “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

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#4 “Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”

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#5 “Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.”

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#6 “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

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#7 “I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these ‘How’ and ‘Why’ questions. Occasionally, I find an answer.”

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#8 “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

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#9 “So next time someone complains that you have made a mistake, tell him that may be a good thing. Because without imperfection neither you nor I would exist.”

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#10 “We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on the minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us something very special.”

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#11 “My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.”

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#12 “Keeping an active mind has been vital to my survival, as has been maintaining a sense of humor.”

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#13 “Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

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#14 “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

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#15 “I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

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