11 Tiny But Important Self-Care Rituals For Every Busy 20-Something Out There


Alright, folks, from the lands of ‘I do not have time for this’, I know each one of us is super busy these days. Caught under the workload or just too busy with your schedule, we’re all occupied. So much, that we have no time even for ourselves. But mind you, if you are going to carry on like that, chances are that your body is going to die on you and you would regret that later.

Before that really happens why don’t we just learn to take care of ourselves in a better way? What say? yes, Indeed! A little more self-love is all that we require.

Self-Love is something we all must practice and here are 11 self-care tips that our ever-busy calender needs.



#1 Snoozing Alarm for that extra sleep of 30 minutes.


A little more sleep is good sometimes.

#2 Ditch your evening plans without feeling guilty for it.

ditch evening plans

It’s alright to ditch your plans sometimes. So, head straight home when you have no power left to deal with human beings.

#3 Booking an extempore spa appointment.


Afterall, a spa is all you need after a tedious week.

#4 Calling in a tub of your favorite Ice-creams.

Ice cream

And eat it all by yourself. No sharing!

#5 Enjoying a movie night all by yourself.

Movie night

Chilled coke and some popcorns along with a rerun of your favorite movie = A perfect evening.

#6 Bestow yourself an item from your wishlist.


Anything from that pair of sunglasses to your favorite shirt to the Lipper you have been wishing to buy from long. Just treat yourself with one!

#7 Writing yourself a short love letter.

love letter for me

Because self-love comes first. Thank yourself and it will work wonders.

#8 Treat yourself with a cool salad for the 4 pm hunger pangs.

salad treat

Rather than a large order of fries, Pizzas or Burgers, treat yourself with a new salad from a salad bar of your city. Trust me, salads can be fancy too.

#9 Listen to your favorite music on your way to work.


You may also groove if you like!

#10 Adding a pair of kick-ass shoes to your wardrobe.


Those lovely shoes are good to go…


#11 Have a short ‘just me’ session before you sleep.

all about me

Give yourself some time and think about no one but just ‘you’. Doing this, my friend, can make all the difference.

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